Anonymous Anti-Semites

How do you chastise a group that has no leader, no membership list and no name? How do you hold someone responsible when they do not claim membership to a group and there exists little proof that they belong to it? Furthermore how do you arrest members who live behind a wall of silence? These are questions that all countries, Israel included, are going to have to come to terms with very quickly considering the size and danger of the hacker collective known as ‘Anonymous’.

Anonymous originated in 2003 on an Internet forum when users, in a sense of shared identity, began to post under the name Anonymous. For several years they remained constrained on their various forums until 2006 when they began to attack Habbo, a social networking site designed as a virtual hotel. However it was not until Anonymous began to attack the Church of Scientology for its use of internet censorship, among other things, that the group gained worldwide notoriety.

It was after this, that they cautiously emerged as real people.  Anonymous activists can often spotted in public and at protests wearing ‘Guy Fawkes’ masks. The Fawkes mask has been adopted as they believe him to be the ultimate symbol against oppressive regimes considering his role in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. His attempt to blow up the British Parliament in full sitting on November 5 was the beacon for anti-authoritarians.

Unfortunately, whoever Anonymous is (or are?)  obviously needs a history lesson being unaware that it was the goal of the Gunpowder plotters to replace the authoritarian Protestant rulers with authoritarian Catholic rulers and in their attempts they were willing to receive support from the Spanish empire, hardly a nation which held ad the best interests of the British public in mind.

During  the past year Anonymous has taken to attacking governments for what it believes is the oppression of their citizens. Governments have included dictatorships such as Iran and democracies like America, Australia and Israel. They have attacked corporations and websites from fringe political groups (including neo-Nazis) and even the United Nations. Their attacks are particularly disturbing because it seems that their enemy is whomever they dislike. Indeed, it’s the ultimate Guy Fawkesian anarchy.

The State of Israel has born the brunt of many of Anonymous’ attacks. Just recently government websites such as the Prime Minister’s office and various Israeli corporations were inaccessible due to cyber attacks. In February of this year Anonymous threatened a ‘reign of terror’ against Israel for crimes against humanity and the occupation of Palestine. Yet whilst it is not anti-Semitic for valid criticism against the government for its policies against the Palestinian people,  Anonymous has often crossed the line into blatant anti-Semitism.

Recently an Israeli website was hacked, and as of the time of writing remains hacked, so that whenever access is attempted to the site the visitor is directed to a page which has ‘Special Greetz to Hitler, Kill Dem Jews’. When Anonymous sent a warning to Hollywood, they did so saying that “you have been allowed to run free too long. The time of Jew control media is over.” When they were called out for this blatantly anti-Semitic statement they replied simply with “LOL at people calling us anti-semites, Its (sic) for the LULZ. Get over it”. The ‘LULZ’ is a pluralized form of ‘lol’ or ‘laugh out loud’. It is often meant to signify pranks and childish mischief. However what Anonymous is doing is far from funny.

Last week the official Anonymous twitter account linked to a video of David Icke, the world leading conspiracy theorist, explaining the concept of ‘Rothschild Zionists’ (read: Jews). In this video Icke explains that these Rothschild Zionists own entire governments and are in control of all media. Anyone who watched this video might be convinced of the ‘Rothschild Zionists’ desire for global domination. Yet doing even a modicum of research into Icke it is clear that the man is not in his right mind. Not only is he an unabashed anti-Semite but he is also under the impression that world leaders are actually ‘inner-earth reptilians’ who have bred with human beings over a period of thousands of years. Today he claims that the majority of people who control the world,  be it politically, financially or socially,  are lizards from another dimension. This man is, quite simply, insane. The fact that Anonymous associates with him or even links to his delusional theories speaks volumes about an organization that sees itself as protecting the public.

But how do we stop such a group with no clear agenda? They have become modern folk heroes, Robin Hoods if you will, to people who view themselves as oppressed. Quite simply it is important to de-mystify the group. Once this anti-Semitic collective is exposed for who they truly are, then they will, hopefully, stop attracting so many impressionable teens. It is important to remember that this group has no recognizable leadership. There is no charismatic figure that is screaming into a bullhorn and demanding that the government respect the rights of the masses. This is a group that exists solely online. That, however, is the dangerous part. So much of our life is now online that this group could one day become a serious threat to this State and the Jewish people. We can only hope that one day, they’ll understand that they’re not a bunch of crusaders righting the wrongs of the world, but are nasty little anti-Semites associating with lunatics and doing what Guy Fawkes failed to do…destroy without having any plans for rebuilding.

About the Author
Raffe Gold spent two years living in Israel. He is now taking a short sabbatical from Aliyah to soak up the Australian sun.