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Another side of Purim, another side of Israel

This is Israel.

Working in high-tech in the start-up nation, ideas come fast and action is taken even faster. Discoveries are made, theories are tested, and the future comes to life. The pace is quick, and the progress can be astounding. Yet we remember who we are and where we are and what it’s all about.

It is customary among many Israeli companies to slow down periodically and give back to their host communities. It’s done without fanfare and without expectations. It’s a gesture of friendship and appreciation. It’s beautiful. And I’d never heard of it.

It was this custom that found me among 30 or so of my Vayyar coworkers: software developers, engineers, algorithm developers, payroll managers, marketing professionals, even the most senior employees, heading over to a local school, in the village near Tel Aviv where our offices are, where we utterly shifted gears and – get this – ran a Purim carnival for the kids.

Suddenly we were blowing bubbles, and blowing balloons.

We were running races, and making masks for our faces.

We were digging for treasure, and it was all such a pleasure.

We were out in the sun, the kids had so much fun. (And so did we…)

Our clothing was a mess, but the day was the best.

We had such a good time, that I was strangely inspired to write this rhyme…😄

This is what Purim is about. This is what Israel is about.

About the Author
Laura Ben-David is a photographer, public speaker and Israel advocate. Inspired by her Aliyah experience, Laura began writing and never stopped. She is the author of the book, MOVING UP: An Aliyah Journal, a memoir of her move to Israel. She has spoken all over the world about Israel, Aliyah and other topics, often with beautiful photographic presentations. Formerly the head of social media at Nefesh B'Nefesh, Laura is the director of marketing at Shavei Israel as well as a marketing consultant.
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