Anti-Israel | Anti-Zionist | Antisemitic

Israel is referred to the “Zionist Entity” and “Zionist Regime” by those who abhor articulating the word “Israel”, yet the intention is clearly a reference to Jews and Israelis. Political correctness in the cautious pseudo-academic theoretical world of discourse has given rise to euphemistic expressions which attempt to elegantly cover barenaked prejudice against Israel and the Jews.

Those opposed to Israel, those sympathetic with the “Palestinians”, and confused Jews too, have found refuge in using the trendy terms “Anti-Zionist” and “Anti-Israel”. Use of the word “Jew” is blatant racism and unacceptable in most discourse relating to negative sentiments about Israel. It is therefore more comfortable and correct to bundle the Jews with the Christian, Druze, Cherkessian, Bahai and Muslim citizens of Israel together, thereby producing “Anti-Israel”.

“Anti-Israel” is problematic, since one is bound to find members of the above minorities who do not support Israel. What the hell? Since the agenda is anti-Israel, it’s okay to throw the baby out too. It would be too revealing to refine the definition to “Anti Israel Supporters”, because this entire group would primarily be made up of a large majority of patriotic Jews. One dare not branch off into the definition of patriotism since that seems to be a luxury not afforded to Israeli citizens, of course. “Anti-Israel” is an even more inaccurate term used by those who oppose Israel, when one points out that Israel is more-or-less divided into two. Some on the Israeli left might largely support solutions presented by the Anti-Israel crowd, thereby reducing the number of Zionist supporters in the population. No one cares to enumerate or define this portion. The question to be asked is: why not? The answer lies in pure bias to indiscriminately delegitimize the Jewish State of Israel. If, as is shown above, that “Anti-Israel” is a biased unfair generalization, then we are left with the more specific damnation “Anti-Zionist”.

All members of the Anti-Israel crowd conveniently have “Jewish friends who are Anti-Zionist”. Some really do have useful-idiots to show-case in trying to substantiate their prejudice against Israel and the Jews. However, not many, Jews included mind you, have stopped to examine this new trendy buzzword – “Anti-Zionist”. Shallow examination shows blatant prejudice behind this euphemism.

Who are these “Zionists” anyway? This should be the first question for the Anti-Zionist who adopts “Anti-Zionist” as an ideology and who is adamant to express and support it. Well, according to different sources, conservative estimates show that the USA has between 20 and 40 million Zionists and South Africa has over 20 million Zionists, for example. If there are only about 14 million Jews in the world, then we are faced with a problem. The answer to the obvious problem is that these Zionists are not Jewish. Have you ever seen the avid “Anti-Zionist” mention or oppose these Zionists? This is where Anti-Zionism runs into the race problem, and is exposed as Antisemitic – all the anti-Zionist calls are only channeled towards Israel and Jews. All the rhetoric is mixed with “Israel” and “Jews”. Examine any Anti-Zionist website to find that it is all about Israel and the people of Israel. The typical Anti-Zionist supporter does not consider protesting or vilifying non-Jewish Zionists. The non-Jewish Zionists are generally staunch Zionists, irrespective of whether Israel exists or not. Their sources are biblical and unlike Jewish Zionists, they are abundant, active and vocal. Why then is “Anti-Zionist” activism only channeled towards Israel? The answer is prejudice. We know the roots of this prejudice and the underlying agenda is clear.

Another damning exposé of the term “Anti-Zionist” are the solutions proposed by “Anti-Zionists” to end the Israel-Palestinian conflict. They never exclude the return of millions of the only people in history who have magically acquired refugee status by inheritance. Much has been said about this genocidal solution and its effects on the Jewish State of Israel.

If it talks like a duck and smells like a duck, then it is Antisemitism wrapped as Anti-Israel and Anti-Zionist. As long as one supports the notion that the Jews should have no homeland, should accept the national suicide solution, and should not support Israel, then feel free to support Antisemitism by being “Anti-Israel” and/or “Anti-Zionist”.

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Ex-South African Israeli and social media addict running after too many creative ideas and children.