Chaim Y. Botwinick

Anti-Israel Student Rage, Protests and Divestment: A Sad and Pathetic Reality

Since October 7th, we have experienced an explosion of violent anti-Israel and antisemitic protests and demonstrations by students and faculty on a growing number of universities and college campuses.

More recently, these misguided student protesters, motivated and supported by a  progressive left faculty and administration, have recently presented a series of demands to their respective college and university presidents and trustees.

Adding insult to injury, several college and university presidents and trustees are actually taking these demands seriously and are desperately seeking ways to accommodate and placate  these protesters for fear that these demonstrators will engage in greater damage and violence.

Their demands, among may ridiculous requests, include the divestment of Israeli companies, products, goods, services, contracts and programs. These groups are also demanding that their universities sever all research and development contracts with Israeli institutions as well as divestment from joint science and collaborative  brain-trust technology initiatives.

These joint university/Israel projects include state-of the-art critical cancer research, innovative physical rehabilitation programs, experimental pharmaceutical  trials for stroke victims and robotic technology for paraplegic patients. And the list continues… including companies such as Google, Amazon and Airbnb.

When reading the list of companies and initiatives the students demand divestment from, I am so very curious to see how these privileged students and hungry-for-influence faculty fare when they are not able to use or have access to Google, purchase products from Amazon or lodge in an Airbnb.  Case in point…be careful what you protest about and demand.

Finally, how many of these pathetic lonely ivy league students are truly aware of the implications and ramifications of divesting from Israel. Are they ready and able to forfeit their use of waze navigational technology, or their continuous use and reliance on smart cell phone technology; or how about rejecting or preventing a parent, grandparent or loved one from receiving  a desperately required artery stent implant due to serious coronary blockages; or better yet…… desperately needed kidney dialysis machines created and manufactured in partnership with top Israeli institutions?

And, the list goes on….

It is beyond  astonishing how these young adults behave like automatons with absolutely no depth of knowledge regarding the implications or ramifications of their demands, actions or public displays of anger, pressure and disdain for law and order or moral compass, let alone civility.

Where are the student demands for the release of  non Israeli hostages. the treatment of women by Hamas, against the barbaric torture of Palestinian  Gazans by Hamas operatives, the stealing of food and other forms of humanitarian aid from the mouths of Gazan babies and children?

Is it possible these harsh and daunting  realities are just too painful to admit; and as a result it far easier and politically convenient  to engage in group-think hatred, demonstrations and violence then respond to the true realities on the ground.

This reality is truly the theater of the absurd, and a further indication that the outrageously ignorant protesters are being fed and  led by pathetic subpar academics who they themselves are desperately competing for popularity, tenure and academic recognition..

I recently heard a quote from a Jew-hating anti-Israel  protester who viciously hit a Jewish college student (on campus) in the face with a wooden flag pole and then kicked a police officer while being arrested ….He was screaming “but what did I do wrong? I was just exercising my complete right to protest like everyone else…..this is totally wrong and totally unfair” REALLY?.

Friends, this protester’s pathetic response says it all…..

These students, supported and encouraged by their teachers and faculty, and funded by well-known philanthropic entities appear and behave like drugged hypnotized zombies. They are spoiled privileged societal parasites in desperate need of attention, mental health support, to say the least.

As if in a cult-like trance, it is interesting to observe the manner in which many of these students now physically sway their heads, and bodies back and forth….even when not chanting, singing. listening or demonstrating. To be sure, it has become a frightening psychotic conditioned manifestation and one which now embeds itself into the repertoire and lives of these pathetic students.

I have a close friend who recently observed these individuals who were alone on Manhattan busses and subways shaking their heads uncontrollably, as if in a trance. Scary stuff!. All the while, their teachers and faculty are now barricading themselves  in their university offices,  frantically dusting off or retyping their resumes for fear that their Marxist influences have finally caught up with them—— and that now is the time for them to seek alternative employment opportunities while they still can.  In other words, their gig is now up.

Unfortunately many parents have absolutely no idea as to how their hard earned tuition dollars are being  squandered by the illegal  violent actions of their children on University campuses and in the streets  of America. Many of these parents are decent hard working immigrants themselves who tried desperately to ensure that their children receive a quality education leading  eventually to gainful employment. Many are not even aware that their children are an integral part of these violent rallies and demonstrations

Last week, I recall seeing a video on cable news of a  frantic and hysterical mother who picked her child out of a crowd of demonstrators. She ran after him wearing a hoodie and kafiya  – hitting  him and yelling at him to go back home where he belongs. What a pathetic and sad sight to watch as  a furious parent runs after her son throughout the campus grounds

In addition to an arrest record, depending upon the crime or infraction, many of these kids will unfortunately grow up as angry, hateful, confused and depressed dregs of  our society in search for handouts, college loan forgiveness and a dark parasitic existence, let alone the lack of gainful employment.


It is now time for Americans to close down these disgusting and ugly demonstrations and violent protests, and  demand the dismissal of faculty agitators  who are feeding fuel to the fire. This action must take place through any civilized means possible. To be sure, the longer we wait, the worst this condition will evolve.

At the same time, we must us every resource at our community’s disposal to challenge and close down  Jew hatred, public pronouncements of antisemitic rage and acts of violence in the United States.

It is now time to hold people and specific institutions responsible and accountable; and it is now time to declare loud and clear. THE GIG IS OVER!

We have been diplomatic, politically correct, responsible and circumspect in our responses since October 7th. It is now time to confront the evil, and vile enemy head-on.

Enough is enough …..

Never Again must mean Never Ever Again.

Never Ever Again, must mean Never Ever Again NOW !

Am Yisrael Chai

About the Author
Dr. Chaim Botwinick is a senior executive coach and an organizational consultant . He served as president and CEO of the central agency for Jewish education in Baltimore and in Miami; in addition to head of school and principal for several Jewish day schools and yeshivot. He has published and lectured extensively on topics relating to education, resource development, strategic planing and leadership development. Dr. Botwinick is Author of “Think Excellence: Harnessing Your Power to Succeed Beyond Greatness”, Brown Books, 2011