Ryan Greenspoon

Anti-Semitism At the UN, Again

The vote that took place within the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on October 12th is a direct sign of how pivotal it is to the Muslim world to deny any historical correlation between Judaism, Christianity and Jerusalem. This diplomatic effort is symbolic of these countries’ authentic demands of ethnically cleansing the Jews in Israel – something that they have attempted time and time again since the very moment Israel declared independence (and beforehand).

Before 1948, nearly 900,000 Jews lived in Arab-Muslim lands and today about 96% of them have been cleansed. To this day, over 100 resolutions have been passed in favour of the Palestinian refugees, while not one has been passed in favour of the vanished Jewish refugees of the Muslim world. These Muslim countries have already successfully cleansed the Arab world of its Jewish presence when it had the means to (without a mutter of shock from the world), but with a weaker Muslim-Arab world preoccupied with its own sectarian infighting, more international ‘attention’ paid to genocide and human rights and an exponentially strengthened Israel, much of what they can do at the moment to damage Israel hinges on their mission to wage diplomatic warfare against them. As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has remarked, “Palestinians leaders demand a Palestinian state with one precondition: no Jews. There’s a phrase for that.”

It is often said that if the Palestinians were prepared to accept the legitimacy of a Jewish state, peace could be attainable overnight. In reality, the Palestinian Authority is facing incredible debts and barely provides any social support to their own people, in large part because they have idiotically pledged to pay each and every family of the ‘martyrs’ they incite to kill innocent men, women and children in Israel. It took them years to understand that terror comes at a price, but they have chosen to learn the hard way. In the face of a Palestinian economic meltdown and tightened Israeli security, the Palestinian Authority has resorted to inciting terror through the use of knives and cars (meant for ramming the average Israeli to death). Realizing that their terroristic incitement is futile to puncturing any lasting holes into the psyche of Israel and that their own terror is incapable of physically erasing the history of the Jews, the so-called moderate face of the Palestinians (The Palestinian Authority) have resorted to the waging of diplomatic warfare in order to gain symbolic victories and to shape a supposedly ‘international consensus’ affirming the raison d’etre of their violence against the Jews of Israel – the altering of the historical reality of a Jewish presence in Israel.

Given that the UN is a pseudo-diplomatic body that accommodates its own hijacking at the hands of cynicism, the nations behind the world’s largest and most ancient effort of cynicism, anti-Semitism, have institutionally emphasized anti-Semitic thought in a forum where leaders are expected to sit in the same room and sometimes make eye contact with Israelis and Jews alike. The initial Rooseveltian dream of an international body being created for the betterment of human lives around the world has begun to make it seem as if internationally sanctioned anti-Semitism is itself a fundamental and basic human right. If the UN put a quarter of the effort it puts and has put into calling emergency meetings and shaping anti-Semitic resolutions, like the history-denying UNESCO resolution’s ratification or the infamous ‘Zionism is Racism’ resolution passed by the General Assembly in 1975, maybe genocide would only be a hypothetical as opposed to an actualized reality in places like Syria. Instead of the UN abiding by its founding mission statement, the institution has made what it can do nightmarish and what it cannot do, as a result of its cynical hijacking, dreamlike.

Would world hunger dip in its percentage as a whole if the UN’s pledge to support anti-Semitism was transformed into a pledge to heighten the ability for the world’s most impoverished nations to have better access to food and water supplies? These are hypotheticals that we must ponder as Jews, now more so than ever. We must reflect upon these hypotheticals because our religious ideals as Jews demand for these reflections always. Unfortunately, we must reflect upon these hypotheticals as human beings because of the UN’s abject failure to do so.

The Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur and its methodology of contemplation may be the first concerted effort of religious reformation through its demands for annual self-improvement, perpetual self-consciousness and the universal regulation of a peoples and its survival through a sense of self-aimed skepticism (something Islam has never achieved in the long-term and something it can only stress through the human agency of the individual Muslim actor). It is common knowledge that one’s inward reflection and the overall health of the individual soul makes for a more sober viewing of the outwardness which is our world. Although, after one observes the reflexive anti-Semitic activity of the UN body, which is itself intended to be a reflection of a healthy and active individual soul, why would he/she ever want to look out at the world’s undoubtedly crass reactions and interpretations of this? A question the UN might want to consider asking of itself: what would we as an institution think of ourself on Yom Kippur? After all, if the UN is not capable of taking a moment to undergo any form of institutional self-examination, then what gives it the right to point fingers at a nation whose streets and highways empty out on a holiday meant expressly for introspection and repentance?


About the Author
A proud Zionist and a student majoring in Political Science at the University of Western Ontario.