Anti-Semitism is a Priority

Day 40.  Thank you Sir Keir Starmer.  Genuinely and sincerely, thank you.  I appreciate that you stood firm against the enormous pressure to support the Scottish National Party’s amendment to a Government motion following the Kings Speech.  I am grateful that you did not bow to that pressure.

In simple terms the SNP amendment called for a ceasefire in Gaza. It was though much more than that as it was worded in the usual way that we have now come to expect from the anti-Semites. There is no mention of Hamas at all, let alone reference to it being a hideous terrorist organisation and certainly no mention of rockets still being fired indiscriminately into Israel.

Hamas has repeatedly stated and continues to state that their aim is to kill Jews and destroy Israel.  This is not some fancy propaganda made up by Prime Minister Netanyahu or one of his colleagues.  It is an openly stated aim by Hamas.

Hamas has a deliberate policy of causing the death of their own civilians as part of their campaign.  For years now, Hamas has been deliberately placing their command centres in the middle of civilian areas, in hospitals and schools so in the event of an attack from Israel, hopefully some patients or even better school children will be killed.

There can be no diplomatic discussions with any prospect of achieving anything other than time for Hamas to regroup and rearm.  The SNP know that and so do the 56 Labour MPs who voted in favour of Hamas.  It sounds dreadful that British MPs should be supporting a proscribed terrorist organisation, but sadly it is true.  56 Labour MPs voted to prevent Israel from prosecuting a war which will see the removal of Hamas from Gaza.

This is the terrorist group which has been responsible for keeping Gaza poor and diverting resources to fighting Israel.  This is even before we get to examining their attitudes to women and gays. Normally these would be issues which would excite the 56 Labour MPs into action, demanding solidarity with their oppressed sisters and gay men and women, but because this is all about attacking the Jewish state, anything goes as far as Hamas is concerned.

And that is what makes the indirect support of Hamas so frightening.  56 out 198 Labour MPs is 28%.  Just over a quarter of all Labour MPs wish to see Hamas undefeated.  8 of these people held front bench positions dealing with various important issues concerning this country in which we all live.  Yet when it comes to the Jewish state, these issues, count for naught.

Sarah Owen is the Labour MP for Luton North, and until today undertook the role of Shadow Minister – Levelling Up, Housing, Communities and Local Government.  Jess Phillips MP for Birmingham Yardley and until today shadow domestic violence minister.  Both women had important and serious roles which largely have no political boundaries.  When faced with attacking the Jewish state or working to help those who are in the need of some form of help or another, it was attacking the only democratic state in the Middle East that won out.  I could go on, but I believe the point has been made.

Jews in the UK today are uneasy.  We are under greater attack now than since the end of the Second World War.  Anti-Semitism in some areas is up by 1000%.  Some of my friends are seriously thinking of moving to Israel, such is their concern.  Imagine that; these people feel safer going to a country at war than staying in the UK.  It is hardly surprising when despite the best efforts of the British Government, the number of people and institutions ganging up against us is significant.

The list includes the BBC and other broadcasters, various trades unions, the Metropolitan Police and as of tonight 56 Members of Parliament for whom it appears siding with the Jew hating terrorist organisation is a greater priority than working for their constituents or their country. Or perhaps, what might be worse, is that these 56 MPs are indeed working for their constituents who expect them to act against the Jews at every opportunity.

Sir Keir is the head of a party which still has a problem with the Jews.  He has though demonstrated serious leadership in the face of what must have been substantial pressure and for that I thank him.  As for the 56 members of his parliamentary party are concerned, at least I know where I stand with them.  Nowhere.

About the Author
Robert Festenstein is a solicitor based in Manchester with considerable experience in Court actions. He is active fighting the increase in anti-Semitism in the UK and is President of the Zionist Central Council, an organisation devoted to promoting and defending the democratic State of Israel.