Anti-Semitism is not an issue of right or left wing

Nowadays, it seems like the world becomes more and more active when it comes to issues that involve hatred like racism, misogyny, homophobia and more. The rate of anti-Semitism worldwide increases it seems the “woke” society “abandon” Jews when it comes to anti-Semitism.

People, Even some Jews, Think that anti-Semitism is an issue of the left-wing or right-wing. What they don’t understand is that anti-Semitism exists in both left and right-wing.

Historically speaking, anti-Semitism existed in both left- and right-wing it was manifested in different ways, the left-wing in Europe accused Jews of capitalism and believed that if we want to free people from capitalism they must get rid of Jews. People on the right-wing blamed Jews for communism. But these are only historical examples of how anti-Semitism can exists in both right- and left-wing.

The main reason why it is a problem is that when an issue turns political it usually divides the audience and takes away the attention from the real problem. And in our case, the problem is the hatred towards Jews that only increases and increases.

We can see politicians like ‘the squad ‘ in the democratic party on the left-wing while we can also see right-wing extremists in Germany blamed for a large rise in anti-Semitic crimes in Germany last year.

The main reason why we see a rise in anti-Semitism around the world and anti-Semitic people elected to jobs in politics is that people don’t care about Jews.

Politics won’t end anti-Semitism since the people in positions of power won’t fight for Jews. It seems like these people fight more against Jews with their anti-Semitic behaviours.

The classic solution to this problem is education. Of course many people today are very ignorant about Jewish history and anti-Semitism education can help but it should not be the main solution since anti-Semitism won’t fade away soon and we won’t succeed to convince the whole world to stop hating Jews.

We need to focus on educating the younger generation of Jews about each other’s roots and history (Mizrahi Jews’ history, Ashkenazi Jews’ history, Sephardi Jews’ history) and as well as Israel as the only safe place for Jews to live in.

We need to keep encouraging people to make aliyah. Of course it won’t magically make people hate Jews less but it will make Jews feel safer.

Jews are the only ones who care and fight for Jews and we need to maintain that it can be seen as a disadvantage  in the eyes of others, however, this is what brings unity and strengthen the connection of Jews with each other and the desire to become even more Zionist by remembering where you belong to and what place will make you feel safe to live in (Israel).

To conclude, don’t try to make Jews think that politics is the only thing that will end anti-Semitism because it won’t and we notice that. Making anti-Semitism a political issue to get Jews to appreciate you is anti-Semitic. If you want to fight for a group of people fight for them no matter what side you are in politics.

About the Author
Rotem is a public diplomacy activist since 2014 on social media.S he has an Instagram page with thousands of followers called @teens.for.israel which it's main target is to work with youth around the world, educate them about the Israeli Arab conflict and expose the truth about Israel. She made lots of projects in this page collaborating youth from all around the wrold (jews and non -jews). In addition, she collaborated with the digital array of the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs on social media and with other popular public diplomacy activists on social media. She is a councilwoman at the new right's party youth headquarters and a part of the crew of the new right's youth headquarter spokesperson staff.
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