Anti-Semitism should be fought by rebutting its spiritual foundation – not just by declaring it is a sin 

Most common definition of the roots of anti-Semitism is based on the hate of different races and religions as described for example in as

“Hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious group or “race” … In the 19th century violent discrimination intensified, and so-called “scientific racism” emerged, which based hostility to the Jews on their supposed biological characteristics and replaced religion as the primary basis for anti-Semitism.”

Since the race and biological characteristics are unique for a specific human group and cannot be changed, there is no cure for anti-Semitism and the Jews are doomed to suffer from it forever.

However, the roots of anti-Semitism are not just racial and biological – they have a truly universal Jewish component as well which is applicable to all human groups. The clear understanding of this universal Jewish component helps create a better strategy for fighting anti-Semitism.

The very essence of being a true, Torah-based Jew is having at the spiritual center of your life the conviction of being the Chosen by God’s design. Although there are many secularized Jews who don’t believe in the Jewish Chosenness, without this concept the true Jewishness disappears. If the true Jewishness disappears, the very foundation of anti-Semitism disappears as well. That’s why both the true Jews and the true anti-Semites cherish the Jewish Chosenness as foundation for their existence. However, the true Jews and the true anti-Semites cherish the Jewish Chosenness in a completely different way – their definitions of the Jewish Chosenness are diametrically opposed. The true Jews define it as the God’s directives to deliver to the others the God’s guidance on building a better world for everybody, while the true anti-Semites define the Chosenness as a mythical status of the Chosen invented by the cunning Jews themselves with the aim of controlling and robbing the world.If it is so, the way to fight anti-Semitism is to prove that the definition of the Jewish Chosenness promoted by the true anti-Semites is wrong. The anti-Semitic definition was invented by the true anti-Semites to disparage the God’s Jewish concept of a better world and substitute this concept by completely different concepts of their own making.

Who are the true anti-Semites? They are those who hate the God’s better world propagated by the Jews and who promote their own concepts of “better world”, such as for example Nazi world, Communist world or Islamic world.They want to destroy the God’s Judeo-Christian world which is being built by the Chosen together with the Christians and to replace it by something completely different. Fortunately, they are in anti-Semitic minority.

The majority of anti-Semites consists of people who just sincerely believe in anti-Semitic accusations against the Jews. This group is open-minded and may reconsider their anti-Semitism if a convincing Jewish and Judeo-Christian anti-anti-Semitic story is presented.

The anti-anti-Semitic story has to address the fundamental anti-Semitic claim that

The cunning Jews are controlling the world and using their power to rob the others.

We the Jews and many decent Christians are not responding to this claim by irrefutable facts – we are just complaining that anti-Semitism is a sin and should be rejected.

The rebuttal to the anti-Semitic claim has to be based on irrefutable facts such as the following.

Yes, it looks like we the Jews are controlling the world but in essence not us but our ideas – the Torah/Bible-based ideas for governing the human life in our world which we the Jews are conveying to the others – control the world. We the Chosen believe those ideas are coming directly from God and therefore cannot be replaced by any human ideas.

Those Torah/Bible-based ideas transformed the world from the pre-Torah/Bible world, which was based on killing and robbing the neighbor to become richer and more powerful, to the Torah/Bible- based world where the neighbor is loved and joint creative work with the neighbor enriches both yourself and your neighbor.

In particular, our Jewish ideas created the Judeo-Christian civilization of our world where

the people are not governed by the Ruthless Dictator but rather by the Majority-approved Law, and the historic facts demonstrate this;

the people are acquiring wealth not by robbing the others but rather by creating work opportunities for the others and helping the others to become richer, and the economic facts validate this;

the people are helping those who are in need (charity/mitzvah) with the Jews creating patterns for charitable work (mitzvah), and the statistical facts indicate that the Jews are the first per capita in the area of charitable donation and investment;

the Jews are a leading force in society in developing scientific, technical, economic and financial tools for increasing the wealth of the society and wealth just distribution, and the number of distinguished rewards, such as Nobel Prizes for example, and fundamental publications per capita is a statistical proof of all that.

In order to fight anti-Semitism the Jews and their Rabbis have to discuss these four items in the above – together with the willing Christians and Atheists – in all news-media and forums where the anti-Semites may be present.

Both Europe and USA have trouble fighting anti-Semitism because there the good Jews and the good Christians are just denouncing anti-Semitism as a sin without addressing the true roots of it as could be seen for example at

in the paper “Why Europe Has Trouble Fighting Anti-Semitism”.

The paper describes three reasons why it is difficult to fight anti-Jewish hate.

First reason: It is difficult to fight anti-Semitism because Jews are not week – they are in power, and all people in power have to be scrutinized since the power corrupts. That is a dishonest reason since being in power has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. The Frenchmen and Germans are in power as well and there is no anti-French-ism or anti-German-ism. The Jews are hated not because they are in power (together with the others) but rather because their Torah/Bible-based ideas are in power and this should be clearly specified in fighting anti-Semitism.

Second reason: It is difficult to fight anti-Semitism since this fight forces us to fight Muslims who are the chief instigators of anti-Semitism in Europe. That is an honest reason and a very pertinent one. It is a very important reason since for the devoted Muslims the fight against Jews is a part of the struggle with Judeo-Christian world to replace it with Sharia world, and this should be illuminated in fighting anti-Semitism.

Third reason: It is difficult to fight anti-Semitism when anti-Zionism (hate for Israel) is becoming a substitute name for anti-Semitism. This is a valid reason as well. In order to address this concern we have to separate the actions of Israeli government, which of course have to be scrutinized, from the very idea of Jews the Chosen acting in Israel to build a better world for everybody in the region – for Jews, Muslims and Christians.

Indeed, it is difficult to fight anti-Semitism. However, it becomes much easier if we clarify the true goal of anti-Semites which is to replace the Judeo-Christian ideas for a better world by completely different anti-Judeo-Christian ideas.

About the Author
Vladimir Minkov graduated from the Naval Engineering Academy in the former Soviet Union, served in the Soviet Navy and there received his Ph.D. At the end of 1970s he immigrated to America where democracy and the Judeo-Christian spirituality of this country made it possible for him to actively defend both his scientific and spiritual ideas. In the USA he has found the place for his scientific public work in the spiritual realm of One God and Torah.