Anti-Zionists are Jew haters

On November 10 1975, the UN passed a resolution saying that: “Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.” This Resolution (since then revoked), was troubling on a number of levels. First it heavily implied that Jews who are Zionists are of a different breed and consider themselves “the master race”. Otherwise there is no logic in associating Zionism with racism. By doing so you clearly intend to say that whoever believes in the right of Jews to have their state does it for a colonialist reason where a special race (in this case the Jews) want to occupy a land and enslave or exterminate the natives.

Considering Jews a race is in itself racism. It denies the basic fact that Jews are not a race but a People, that someone can convert is proof enough that we Jews do not consider ourselves a “race”. This warped view is in line with my own experiences on social media where more than once I’ve been told by people opposing Israel that I am an Ashkenazi Jew (ironic when I have Sephardic ancestry) and as such, I am stealing the land of the “real” Semites (the Arabs). There seems to be this consensus among anti-Zionists that Zionists are a bunch of white dudes who colonized the Middle East for imperialistic goals.

This is offensive on so many many levels for us Jews. It denies Jewish history because it negates our 4000 years of history and connection to this land and also our religion, as the connection to the land of Israel is not only cultural and historical but religious as well. Since the roman exile 1900 years ago, Jews have been displaced by anti-Semitism but have always remained attached to their roots and their religion. Anti-Semites claim that the “real” Jews don’t exist anymore and that an alien race (from Poland and Russia usually), or the Khazars, if you will, came out of nowhere to replace them and are now stealing the land of the “real” Semites as I’ve already mentioned above.

It is also an insult to all the Sepharadic Jews as it claims that Zionists are only these white aliens and thus, a Jew with ancestry in the Middle East, MUST be against Zionism and for a “Palestinian” state.
The reality is, of course, otherwise and more than half of the Jews in Israel are Sepharadic and the overwhelming majority are staunch Zionists.

This twisted view also comes from the fact that anti-Zionists cannot come to terms with the simple reality that Zionism is not a racial-imperialist enterprise but a natural result of centuries of longing for our land and that it derives directly from the holy Torah, the religious basis of Judaism.

To return to what is so troubling about the 1975 UN Resolution, the second point (and the most relevant for the modern debate on Israel), is that it heavily implies that whoever is a Zionist, or supports it, is tacitly approving mass murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing.

In 1948, the number of Arabs in Palestine (the whole area west of the Jordan river) was about 1.2 million. Today, if we take into account the Arab-Israeli population, the Arab population of Judea-Samaria and Gaza, we were in 2016 at slightly above 6.6 million people. That’s an increase of 550%. Hardly a genocide, unless it’s a negative one.

That, of course, clears other ridiculous accusations, like ethnic cleansing or unrestrained, regular, mass murder.The accusation of apartheid is as ridiculous given that you have Arabs (be they Muslim, Druze or Christian) in every level of the Israeli society: the army, the police, politicians, lawyers and even on the Supreme Court. How exactly is this supposed to be apartheid is beyond me.

Not to mention the fact that many pro-Palestinian activists have used a language that is strangely reminiscent of the Nazi paper Der Sturmer with accusations that Zionists (read Jews)  have governments under their belt, own all the banks, harvest organs, make sacrificial rituals and the whole plethora of accusations that, very sadly, Jews have seen turned against them for centuries.

In conclusion ask yourself these questions.

Why is it that no one talks about Tibet anymore?

Why does no one really care about Darfur or Western Sahara?

Why didn’t the EU (always quick to criticize Israel) support the separatist movement in Catalonia?

Why isn’t there a BDS movement against Russia for Crimea or against China for Tibet?

Why does Roger Waters write personal letters to artists begging them to meddle in Israel interior politics but urge artists not to meddle in Venezuela’s interior politics when they are so clearly under a dictatorship?

Why has the Saudi-led coalition been bombing Yemen daily while largely ignored, when everything that happens in Gaza makes the front news?

Why do neo-Nazis and communist activists find a common ground when it comes to the Palestinian issue?

Why do students in countries that most people ignore where they are on the map declare that what happens in Gaza is the main concern in their lives?

Why does no one cares when Egypt seals its side of the Gaza strip but people are beyond themselves by the Israeli blockade of the same region?

Why is no one is outraged when Erdogan declares himself champion of the Palestinian cause and of self-determination, exactly what he is not ready to give to the Kurds?

Why, why, why?

So many questions and what’s the answer?

Let me put it this way, have you ever met someone who loves the Jewish people and considers himself an anti-Zionist? Neither have I and I’m not talking about supporting the idea of two states, but to flat out refuse the right of Israel to exist and try to boycott it and hurt it economically by any means.

And do you know why you do not know a person like that?
Because a person like that doesn’t exist.

To be an anti-Zionist, you have to be first a Jew hater.

About the Author
I was born in France and grew up in Montreal, Canada. I made Aliyah at age 21, out of Zionism and the deep religious feeling that my place is here, in Eretz Yisrael.
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