Anti-Zionists: The proud “anti-racist” racists

Anti-Zionists tend to react with indignation at any hint of accusations of anti-Semitism. This is understandable, since anti-Zionists view themselves as spearheads against racism and injustice. How can they possibly be anti-Semites when some of their “best friends” are Jews? Let us ignore that these “Jewish friends” constitute a tiny minority of world Jewry and their supposedly “Jewish identity” is mainly manifested through their opposition to anything Jewish, especially a tiny sliver of land on the eastern Mediterranean known as Israel.

Anti-Zionists weep while watching Schindler’s List and commemorate the Holocaust, while warning that Israel is committing “genocide” against Gaza and threatening humanity. Never mind that unlike the Jews of Europe, the population of Gaza has quadrupled — to a large degree due to continuous infusion of cruel Zionist humanitarian aid, food and health care. Math was never the anti-Zionists’ strong subject in school.

Neither was history. This sliver of land which anti-Zionists refer to as the ”foreign Zionist entity” is saturated with 3,000 years of continuous Jewish history and has never been the homeland of any nation other than the Jews. Anti-Zionists know better and lament the “occupation” of the “indigenous Palestinian nation” whose proud and supposedly ancient history still remains to be uncovered by archeologists. The Roman emperor Hadrian, who fathered the term “Palestine” as a rejection of the obstinate entity Judea, probably never anticipated that his intellectual offspring would become the coveted name for a diverse group of 19th and 20th century Arabic-speaking immigrants who somehow overnight became “indigenous” since time immemorial.

Many are still waiting in anticipation for Arabian Nights storyteller Saeb Erekat to point out which Jericho cave his ancestors lived in 10,000 years ago. Conveniently forgotten is the fact that Erekat’s family arrived during the last century — like most Arab immigrants to the Land of Israel, drawn to the economic revival caused by wicked Zionist Jews. Hundred years or ten thousand years, what difference will a few zeros make among friends? The world embraces Erekat’s supposedly peaceful boss Abbas, whose areas of expertise are Holocaust-denial and imaginary moderation. Abbas speaks of the need of flushing out the Zionist “cancer” with millions of foreign Arabs with such benign eloquence that it would land him a job in a coveted American detergent commercial.

Geography is another subject that anti-Zionists skipped in school. If the Middle East and North Africa regions were a soccer stadium, the supposedly giant Zionist empire would extend menacingly along the line between two goal posts while the Arab and Muslim world would be crammed into a claustrophobic area covering the rest of the stadium.

It is when talking about the Zionist “occupation” and “aggression” that the anti-Zionists feel that they are on their home turf. In contrast to historically pacified Jews in European and Middle Eastern ghettos who knew their proper place, the obnoxious Zionists have the nerve demanding equality and national independence. As avid sport fans, anti-Zionists run the extra mile explaining that firing Qassam rockets from schools at Zionist kinder gardens and running tunnel marathons with explosives, machetes and machine guns into Israel is as natural in Gaza as soccer is in Italy. Denying this proud Gazan sport tradition would naturally be discriminatory and the one thing that anti-Zionists detest more than anything else is racism.

The Egyptian arch terrorist and father of plane hijackings, Yasser Arafat, was a visionary man who saw the need to establish his “liberation” organization in 1964, three years before there was any “occupation” of his make-believe country. If only the Zionists would end the “occupation” and retreat to a temporary floor in Tel Aviv’s Azrieli tower, the Middle East would be as pleasant as Canada. How could the tone deaf Zionists possibly have missed all the peace hymns emanating from PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS and Iran?

Anti-Zionists often feel misunderstood and their hobby vilified. Their ideological ancestor, the German journalist Wilhelm Marr felt the same way. Like today’s anti-Zionists, Marr denied that he was a Jew-hater, a term that he considered unsophisticated and rather crude. Instead, he rebranded his hobby in 1879 as “anti-Semitism”, which gave it an aura of supposed science and respectability.

The Holocaust, which Obama’s Iranian genocide-seeking partners insist never took place, forced this passionate and lethal hobby through another rebranding campaign, this time as anti-Zionism. Yesterday’s anti-Semites who wanted a Jew-free world, were of course not Jew-haters but acted out of concern for humanity’s racial hygiene and wellbeing. An Austrian corporal and failed art student documented this in his work Mein Kampf, which today is a bestseller in the Middle East and mandatory reading for anyone doubting the wickedness of the Jews, sorry, Zionists.

Today’s anti-Zionists who seek a world freed of the Jewish state, naturally don’t see themselves driven by Jew-hatred either. As self-appointed anti-racists par excellence, the anti-Zionists consider themselves as owners of the keys to eternal peace, harmony and justice for humanity. If only the Zionist snake would be driven out of the anti-Zionist’ Garden of Eden, everything would supposedly be fine.

The problem with the anti-Zionist version of the Garden of Eden is that it is strongly reminiscent of hell with the anti-Zionists being the devil’s helpers. If there are still any apples left hanging from the maltreated Tree of Knowledge, the lesson for humankind is that Jew-hatred in any shape is a lethal and poisonous weed, which if left unchecked threatens the well-being of Jews and non-Jews. Bigotry and prejudice know no boundaries and history has repeatedly shown that what starts as a “Jewish problem” quickly becomes a world problem.

About the Author
Daniel Robert Krygier is a writer and a political analyst. He lives in Israel.