David Meir

Antifa is a vile and disgusting terrorist group

In our modern society, there is a disturbing trend that is picking up steam: tribal politics.

This over-simplified and extremist view of the world leaves no place for critical thinking.

It is the proverbial: My way or the highway, pushed to an unhealthy extreme.

To be fair this kind of no-compromise thinking belongs to the fringes, left and right.
The problem being of course that on the left, the fringe is slowly taking over the mainstream.

On the right side of the political map, the extreme fringes are for the most part rejected by most of the mainstream conservatives.

No one on the right would say that the KKK or the neo-Nazis are awesome or would lift a finger in their defense if those scumbags were criminally prosecuted.

Not so with the left.

Many mainstream leftist media and politicians are more than hesitant to decry the unacceptable violence of the terrorist group antifa.

It is troubling to witness the disingenuity of many leftists journalists and public figures who lack the backbone to call out antifa for what they are: a bunch of rich white kids who are in search of a sense of belonging and find it by ganging up together and violently attacking anyone they feel like, excusing their actions by feeding the delusion that they are heroes fighting for a better world.

NO antifa, you are not fighting Nazis or white supremacists, you are attacking anyone who does not call Trump Hitler, regardless of their color or gender.

There is no lack of video evidence where you can see these so-called anti fascists attacking Jews (like Ben Shapiro), blacks (like Candace Owens) or Vietnamese (like Andy Ngo).

For people who supposedly fight white supremacism and racism, they sure like to attack blacks and Jews.

Their cowardly disguise, all black with their face covered so they can attack people and run away unrecognized, is of course reminiscent of the fascists Blackshirts, who would roam the streets of Italy and beat up anyone opposing Mussolini.

In Germany, Hitler emulated his hero Mussolini and created his own brand of street thugs dubbed the Brownshirts and like Mussolini’s Squadristi, they would gang up and attack anyone not sharing their views.

One of the most prominent traits of this band of criminals is their cowardice.

Usually they pick a victim, come at him in a group of ten to twenty people and assail him with blows, then run away like the disgusting cowards they are.

But lo and behold, antifa are not just a bunch of pussies attacking unarmed people and the elderly (as they have done on numerous occasions).

Recently, the parents of Ava Martinez, the 8 years old Latino girl who became a sensation after making hilarious impersonations of communist airhead Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, had to delete all her social media accounts after leftist extremists doxed her address and made threatening phone calls at her home.

Bravo antifa, bravo.

Nothing quite says: Fighting for justice like threatening the life of an 8 years old girl.

The left (at least part of it) dismiss the legitimate fears concerning those violent cultists by claiming they just march peacefully and sometimes throw milkshake at people, which isn’t that terrible.

Of course, those same apologists conveniently ‘forget’ the part where these masked hoodlums have attacked people with chains and crowbars and sent some of them to the hospital with very serious injuries.

That no one has been murdered yet is a miracle and if the politicians protecting them do not stand up to their moral obligation to curtail street justice as antifa no doubt see themselves, the blood that will flow will be their direct responsibility.

About two years ago, there was a violent group of mentally disturbed individuals who would label anyone they felt like ‘fascists’ and would violently attack them.

This small violent fringe group was named BAMN (By Any Means Necessary).

The leader of this degenerate cult, Yvette Felarca, embodied the political philosophy of the extreme socialists.

No matter the way, we must achieve our goal.

The goal of these violent people is not really to fight fascism or racism, or anti-gay bigotry or even the patriarchy.

No those are buzzwords so these violent criminals can justify in their own eyes and to the media their lawless and despicable actions.

Their real goal is to implement a socialist, restrictive society where freedom to criticize the government is severely under control.

To achieve this goal, no one opposing it must be allowed to express himself.

What more convenient than to label this person ‘a fascist’ and ‘a white supremacist’ (regardless of their real views) and have the violent puppets obeying orders like the good Storm Troopers they are taking care to shut up for good that outrageous voice who has the nerve to not fully support the socialist agenda for ‘the greater good’ (the greater good).

I find it incredible that the same people who claim at every occasion to fight ‘Nazis’, have not yet stormed one of the places belonging to the Aryan Brotherhood, you know, REAL Nazis.

Of course, I would love to see that happen, a fight where I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about both sides.

However, I have the strong impression that it is one fight that our masked heroes might not be so hot about.

Beating elderly people from behind with chains and crowbars is one thing.
Threatening the life of an 8 years old, that’s easy.

Going to fight real Nazis, hardened criminals who are as insanely delusional in their racial perspective as they are sadistic psychopaths, that’s a whole different ballgame and I have no doubt that many antifa members would not like the permanent conclusion of such a fight.

Political debate will always be polarized.
That’s its nature.

But society must not let those fringes drift the left and right apart and it is more constructive to search what you have in common than what separates you.

I have the impression that today if you dare agree with some points of your political opponent, some dumb extremist will decide that you entirely support him.

That is completely stupid, it’s the kind of thing a small child (and not a very bright one at that) would think.

People are not two dimensional.

It’s not all white or all black.

If I agree with a leftist on a certain specific point, this does not mean that I condone the left.

The idea that you must completely reject everything of the opposite side, otherwise you’re a traitor and can be legitimately attacked is the same stupid mentality that is dividing society.

Most people supporting Trump are not Nazis or white supremacists, they just are people who want border control and lower taxes.

They don’t care if you’re black or white, if you support their ideas, they’re 100% ok with you.

Thank God, there are many good people on the left who understand that and this blog is not directed at them.

It is directed at those who openly or implicitly support the tactics of these pathetic excuses of human beings who engage in terrorism (the use of violence to achieve a political goal) and should be arrested and send in prison for life on sight.

I warmly welcome any antifa supporter butthurt by my labeling of them a bunch of spineless cowards to dox my address.

To make it easy I live in the Nachlaot neighborhood of the great and beautiful city of Jerusalem.

But I must warn any potential trespasser, I do own a gun and like Ice Cube said in the song Man’s Best Friend on his Death Certificate album:

“So this goes to all y’all intruders
Beware of the owner cause the owner is a shooter.”

About the Author
I was born in France and grew up in Montreal, Canada. I made Aliyah at age 21, out of Zionism and the deep religious feeling that my place is here, in Eretz Yisrael.