Antisemitism on the Left? Perish the thought!

  • I have never seen antisemitism on the Left.
  • I have never seen antisemitism in the Labour Party.
  • Where’s the evidence?
  • Suggesting that there is antisemitism in Labour is just a smear.
  • It is a smear, and it is organised by the Tories.
  • It is a smear, and it is organised and funded by Israel, the Zionists, and / or Mossad.
  • The 68 rabbis who wrote to protest about antisemitism are all Tories / Israeli agents / Trump fanatics.
  • Corbyn has been fighting racism all this life. He is not antisemitic. It is a slander to suggest he is antisemitic.
  • It is slander funded by Mossad.
  • Antisemitism in Labour is fake news; it is an attempt to silence criticism of Israel, which is a genocidal apartheid state that is systematically murdering the Palestinians and eating their babies.
  • I have never seen antisemitism in the Labour Party; I’ve only seen criticism of the barbaric racist Zio-Nazi Entity Israel, and that’s not antisemitic.
  • Judaism is a religion. Zionism is a political agenda that wants to take over the planet. They are not the same.
  • Zionist Jews aren’t ‘real’ Jews. They are European Caucasians who are just pretending to be Jewish.
  • The Zionists aren’t real Jews and they have no connection to Israel or Judea.
  • The Jews have no connection to Israel or Judea. They are planting fake archaeological artefacts.
  • All racism is on the rise. It’s much worse for Muslims.
  • The Tories have a much bigger problem with Islamophobia. The Tories are the racists.
  • Zio-paths are crying wolf, pretending that there is antisemitism when there is not. This is going to be harmful to the Jews when REAL antisemitism occurs.
  • What a shame it is that the Jews failed to learn the lesson of the Holocaust.
  • Arabs are Semites too, therefore they cannot be antisemitic.
  • I’m Jewish, so I can’t be antisemitic.
  • As a Jew, I deplore Israel’s murderously brutal repressive imperialist baby-eating racist Apartheid. And I’m Jewish, so that’s not antisemitic.
  • My grandfather / grandmother / great aunt Maud fought the fascists at Cable Street, therefore I cannot possibly be antisemitic.
  • Some of my best friends are Jews.
  • Jews don’t understand English irony, even though some of them have lived here for a very long time.

Most of these statements were posted online. Some I have compiled by running a number of similar comments together. Some of these comments were  posted by my former colleagues on their own or other people’s facebook timelines, and other comments were posted in left-wing facebook groups or on twitter. Some comments are taken from recordings that were published in the online papers.

Some of these comments were said to my face.

About the Author
Rivka Bond is a retired Archaeology Professor living in the UK. She has lived in England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, America and The Netherlands, and has worked on excavations in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Greece, Ireland and the UK.