Any Lingering Doubt

There is no lingering doubt which side President Obama is on. Only brazenly oblivious to reality people still rationalize continued support of his inexplicably dangerous and erratic decision-making. Obama’s scandals are overwhelming as one exposure quickly fades into another cover-up. American racial and political divisiveness have not been greater in generations. His foreign policy decisions are those only an enemy could love. Surreal, isn’t it, when the Prime Ministers of Israel and Canada warn of the dangerous spread of Islamic terrorism with greater clarity and conviction than the President of the United States. Even more astounding, the Saudis and Jordanians are doing something about it.

After six years, would it be correct to assume “the smartest man in the room” deplores his own country and its glorious history? Are we truly only as exceptional as Greece as he has suggested?

What is the present state of long-time, once iron-clad security agreements with our friends, particularly Israel; the only stable, free and loyal American ally left in the Middle East? Isn’t it embarrassing to witness Mr. Obama’s duplicitous animosity toward the Jewish State boil over like that of a petulant temperamental child? His support of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and others in that region also waned as he salivates for a nuclear deal with the Iranians; the world’s largest purveyor of international terrorism.

How could the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize capitulate to an Islamic extremist regime screeching “death to America” as often and commonly as we would ask “how is your day”? That capitulation could well lead to World War III. Iran is the antithesis of a peaceful, trustworthiness state. Yet Obama’s potential agreement will give rise to Iranian hegemony over the Middle East and much of the globe, with America its prime target. The proliferation of nuclear weapons into the hands of other extremist groups and terrorist-supporting nations could well be the result of Obama’s weak-kneed collapse of sanctions and refusal to use a military threat to destroy Iran’s nuclear bomb making capacity.

Iran is led by a regime glorifying death and destruction, whether inside or outside their borders. The Supreme Leader of Iran has suggested his own country and people might willingly burn if it also means the destruction of America and the elimination of Israel; the two great “satanic” powers. The Islamic regime’s citizens have no rights. Political prisoners rot in captivity, women are stoned to death and lack even minimal human rights as gays are hung from cranes in the center of their cities.

Take note, not a word from the shameful hypocritical halls of liberalism.

To a stunned world, Mr. Obama’s legacy will be to tout an agreement, any agreement with Iran as his foreign policy success story. Against the laws of the land, he has threatened to bypass the American people by rejecting the advice and consent of Congress and pursuing a nuclear agreement with Iran which only a suicidal fool would support.

All this makes one wonder if our Narcissist in Chief believes someday the world’s Muslims will turn toward Mecca and bow to his memory as the one who resurrected the Arab Caliphate and civilization was forever dangerously altered.

William Pollack is a TV/radio station and movie theater owner based in Memphis, TN.

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William Pollack own and radio, TV stations and movies theaters in the USA currently residing in Memphis, TN.