Any new excuse from demonstrators to support Hamas ?

The support for Hamas around the world is a case study for psychologists about psycopaths and behavioural problems for two reasons:

  1. For ideological reasons because some on the Left, all those on the far right and far left support Hamas.
  2. For rational reasons because it demonstrates how irrational many people are.

Let´s analyse the arguments so people can see what I mean because I am not a friend or supporter of the typical ” subjective ” or emotional reasoning in arguments which is regrettably what most of the media and pro-Hamas supporters do.

1. Ideologically I have expanded in other blog posts the sheer hypocresy of most of the West where the far left, part of the Left and part of the liberal and conservative parties support an ideological movement which is AGAINST that ideology these parties seem to support ( women´s  rights, equality, fairness, freedom of religion and counscious, LGBT rights, free and open society ) etc..This cannot be understood; there is only the option of thinking it is done deliberately or out of cheek.

2. If we analyse the rationality of this support we can prove that those who support pro-Hamas rallies are absolutely irrational and inhumane/heratless in  their behaviour and values because :

  • How can anyone support terrorists who use their own children as human shields ?  This is surely a crime classes as child abuse.
  • How can anyone support a terrorist movement which wants to kill civilians with rockets in Israel or calls for the movement to destroy Israel ?  Would the same people or media agree to Israel wanting to eliminate say, Saudi Arabia or Syria ?
  • How can anyone support a movement that uses civilians as human shields and asks its population to be sacrificed – as PM Netanyahu said – to the ends of Hamas not their cause as a nation.

If those who support Hamas in the West support their actions and think they are OK then the West has two solutions:

  1. Either to send them to justice courts for suporting terrorism and anti-semitism as has happened in the attacks in Sarcelle and Paris
  2. Or remove them from their host countries because they are a menace to democracy and our common JudeoChristian values.

Let´s hope Western governments react at once and rally for Israel because this war is not only about a sick, diabolical, terrorist movement which uses religion as an excuse to murder; it is also about which values we espouse- freedom and passion for people to be themselves as happens in all liberal democracies – or the medieval, barbaric, totalitarian values of the past.  I have my values very clear !.

About the Author
Born 1967 in South Africa (Port Elizabeth) In 1977 moved to Spain with family and studied primary and secondary school. B.A Honors (Marketing with French) 1990 -1994 in Republic of Ireland. Marketing consultant and languages teacher (2000 - 2011) in UK, France, and Spain. At present involved in 7 start up companies ranging from teaching languages to tourism in Spain. Fluent in Spanish, French, English and Portuguese. Basic Hebrew.