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‘Anyone but Bibi’

“Anyone but Bibi”

One hears it like a broken record in the streets of Tel Aviv

It’s not unfamiliar.

I turn on the American news and that same mantra is being repeated.

“Anyone but Trump”

I get it. I mean Bibi has been in a chronic state of Prime Ministership and Israelis, I feel could use a change and fresh thinking. (and no corruption charges)

And well, between his tweets, his Sharpie and his weird comments; I know a change is badly needed in the US government also.

However, “Anyone but” SHOULD NOT be a response, nor a campaign slogan. But to choose a leader purely based on defiance, rather than their ability to lead a democratic country, seems to mute the point of elections in the first place.

Israel and America need our leaders to lead a country unto itself, as well as being global leaders on the world stage which is crucial for the existence of our countries.

I hear all the cries for better, stronger, smarter, more eloquent leadership —


I am open for a much-needed change but the options don’t seem to better the country. Don’t seem to better my future.

And don’t seem to better the existence of these democracies.

“Anything but” is purely a band-aid.

We need strong solutions, we need brains, military acumen, admirable leadership & we need commitment not to a party but rather for the good of all humankind.

Imagine if your vote directly made the difference between results, not personal feelings-

Right now, we need to come together if only just a moment- to try and reach some clarity;


to get one out
just to put another one in
will NOT further our great nations.

It’s been a long time since I felt fulfilled by the votes I have cast.

As a good friend once said, “Make good choices”

May the best candidate prevail


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Elyssa Frank arrives in Tel Aviv with more than fifteen years NYC broadcasting experience. You can listen to her podcast, "Short Hills Live in the Middle East"- on Facebook. You may have seen Elyssa on-camera hosting & guesting on the English website of Israel Hayom Insider, where she created her own show, "Hot, hip & NOW", introducing the Anglo audience to interesting Israelis on the cutting edge of fashion, art & technology. She is an award-winning voiceover talent with global credits, as well as Union affiliation. (Sag/Aftra) Elyssa is most known as the voice that changed the way we look at internet speed; she introduced high-speed online to NYC with multiple award-winning spots. She is a trained NYC actress with off-broadway credits, as well as national on-camera spots. When she's not in a studio & in front of a mic, you can find Elyssa avidly crossing the Mediterranean where she holds the position of "#urban mermaid."
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