One of the most difficult and insulting accusations that has been launched at the State of Israel is labeling Israel an apartheid state. There is no greater lie than this, and no state that is further from apartheid than Israel.

From the beginnings of the Jewish people, we have been educated towards love of man and love of the stranger, based on the memory of our past and all of the discrimination and oppression that we have suffered. Our moral obligation is to never discriminate against an other.

However, the waves of anti-Semitic hatred and lies has brought about a new phenomenon – apart-hate. This baseless hatred has accompanied the Jews throughout its history. The Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions were based on a well-oiled system to attempt to put an end to Sephardi Jewish culture through expulsion and forced conversion. False accusation against the Jews served as fuel for the bonfires which resulted in the expulsion and murder of thousands. The Nazis, through Goebbels’ propaganda machine, spread the lies which dehumanized the Jews, making their murder an act of patriotic duty, rather than a crime. Thus, the Final Solution was accepted not only by the Germans and their facilitators, but also by many other states in Europe, and even by many in the United States and Canada.

The Arab leadership of the Middle East viewed the Final Solution as a solution to be also applicable to the Yishuv, as they attempted to import the death camps model to the Middle East. Indeed, the Nazis reached levels of success by using apart-hate – the process of creating a web of lies to ensure that mass murder would not be considered a crime.

With the support of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which spews anti-Israel hatred, apart-hate is growing in strength today. The Secretary General of the UN also presents messages of apart-hate whose goal is to prevent the IDF from defending women, children, and the elderly, and ultimately, to prevent the existence of the Jewish State.

The UN event returned weapons to Hamas which it stumbled upon in order to use against Israeli civilians, but still speaks of the crimes of the Hamas and the “crimes” of Israel in one breath. Israel’s attempt to defend itself is equated with acts of terror, as the sides are constantly asked to “show restraint”.

There can be no question that Israel is not an apartheid state. However, it constantly suffers from baseless hatred and false accusations, which allow terror organizations to commit war crimes against Israeli citizens and Jews around the world.

Apart-hate allows radical forces and terror states to increase their influence and power. This level of hatred has reached a new level, as we see every day around the world acts of terrorism, piracy, enslavement, and ethnic cleansing. The hatred aimed towards Israel and the Jewish people, in the end, will be aimed at the entire Western world. The “doomsday weapon” of the 21st century is not nuclear, but the weapon of hatred.

About the Author
Dr David Altman is senior vice-president at the Netanya Academic College and vice-chair of the college's Strategic Dialogue Center