Apartheid policy on the Temple Mount?

Last week, in response to Defense Minister Ya’alon’s decision regarding Palestinian use of public buses, Zehava Gal-On was quoted by the Jerusalem Post as having said in a prepared statement:

“This is an official governmental stamp on a policy of apartheid in the territories. Separating Jews and Palestinians only deepens Israel’s status as a pariah state”

The idea that separating Jews and Palestinians is unacceptable and bad for Israel is likely the first idea I’ve heard from Zehava Gal-On with which I agree.  For instance, separating between Jews and Palestinians in east Jerusalem neighborhoods is entirely unacceptable.  Jews should have the same rights as Palestinians to purchase homes in Silwan and live there if they so choose.

On the Temple Mount as well it is unacceptable to discriminate between Jews and Palestinians.  The “status quo” on the Temple Mount, which our Prime Minister is so intent on maintaining, allows Muslims to enter the Temple Mount whenever they want through any entrance and do as they please (including throwing rocks and firebombs at police officers), whereas non-Muslims (including Jews) may enter only during very restricted visiting hours, through only one entrance after a security check, and they are told by police that they may not pray.

Having heard Zehava Gal-On’s statement that “Separating Jews and Palestinians only deepens Israel’s status as a pariah state”, I expect to hear her vocal support for Jews moving into Silwan and for the right of Jews to pray on the Temple Mount.  After all, racist discrimination and the violation of basic human rights only deepen Israel’s status as a pariah state.

About the Author
David Neustadter is a biomedical engineer, CTO of Calore Medical Ltd., and lives in Nof Ayalon.
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