Apocalypse: The End Complete

“The I is the soul, which endures.”

– Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

History teaches us that, humans learn nothing from history. History as a topic though may not be discarded from academic curriculum as the learnings from it are helping us to move in a different direction although the direction is merely a bet to either survive or go extinct. Five existential challenges that we now face are a massive ecological collapse, technological disruption that only benefits the elite, a nuclear apocalypse, a racist, illiterate and orthodox planet that makes continuation of life impossible and mass corruption anywhere on this planet which ultimately threatens our collective future. Our first priority must be to solve these problems.

The world that we live in is a world where more people die due to bad roads, pollution, corruption and hunger than they die in a pandemic. We live in a world where psychopaths who believe in orthodoxy, blind faith, dogmas and the paranormal still exist. We live in a world where bombs, bullets and missiles are less dangerous than salt, sugar, milk and gluten. We live in a world where, blind faith, weapons, elections get preference over basics like education, human rights and healthcare. We live in a world where family courts destroy several families for the lust of money.

It is time to think beyond countries, beyond continents. If this does not happen, the future of this planet is doomed. All nationalists must become globalists. Modernization must be in accord with nature and promote a better life, not only for humans but all species around us. If this does not happen, the future of this planet is doomed. Let’s not forget there will be no peace, never ever, unless these goals are met. The world must accept people and the third world countries must stop becoming a human production factory. In Japan, the population is low. But the Japanese people live longer. Japanese population is contracting at a half a million people per year. Europe is no different. Countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria have a declining population.

Technology might divide the world into wealthy elites and exploited and downtrodden “data labourers”. Billionaires only talk about endless promises of technology, without even being accountable and responsible for the very threats this technology could pose to human existence and the existence of this planet. Automation will soon eliminate billions of jobs; this is certain at the moment. New jobs will be created but at an extremely slow pace and the number of new jobs created will be negligible. People will be largely unable to learn the necessary new skills fast enough. Thus, the industry will opt for more and more automation. The number of obsolete/useless people from the viewpoint of the economic system and the political system will grow. AI might reach ASI. This is something that we expect. Unfortunately, this would happen at a time when few humans exist and human existence itself might not be supported on this planet for long.

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Vinay Lohar is an ISMS, IT & Management expert, Adventurer, Photographer and Food Connoisseur He received his Masters of Business Administration from Jodhpur National University. He was an international Information Security and Data Privacy Consultant at Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany for 3 years. He also worked as a Risk Manager for and managed an internal business team for the EU region for Transaction Risk Management. Vinay currently works as a Manager for Information Security and Cyber Security with Siemens, a German conglomerate company headquartered in Berlin and Munich and the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe.
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