Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


When we see something, we are seeing the external. We don’t see inner atoms (unless we have a suitable microscope), and we don’t see matter that is tinier than atoms.

When we see someone, we don’t know what the person is thinking or feeling, unless they share it with us. And they themselves don’t always know what they are thinking or feeling deep in the subconscious, unless a therapist helps them find it.

The world is a hiding place. The Hebrew word for “world” is “oilom,” which is related to the word “helam” — hidden.

In our world, G-dliness is hidden. And our mission is to reveal it.

But where is G-d?


How do we find Him?

First, by finding ourselves.

We were all made in the image of G-d. So when we find ourselves, when we recognize that we were created by G-d for a purpose, in order to obey Him and to illuminate the world, then we, and those around us, find Him.

Things weren’t always hidden. There was one time in history, over three thousand years ago, when G-d revealed His glory at Mount Sinai.

Because there has to be a first time. Otherwise, how do we know what we need to do?

So there was a revelation then to the Jewish nation, about three million people, men women and children. The Jewish nation was instructed to keep the Torah. And at Mount Sinai, G-d told Moses to tell all the nations to obey the seven Noahide laws. Included in these seven laws is to do acts of charity. Keeping these laws brings peace to the world.

It’s holistic. When everything in the world is at peace with itself, when the exterior physical entity is at peace with its inner life force — the G-dliness that keeps it existing, then there is peace.

And this ushers in the time when, as the prophet says, “No nation will lift swords against another nation,” because “The entire world will be filled with an awareness of G-d,” and “They will all serve Him with one shoulder.”

May it happen very soon.

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