Appeasement: If it didn’t work then, why would it work now?

We all know that the term appeasement is a term in politics that was made infamous by the European Allies dealings with Hitler in order to prevent World War II. However, we also know that appeasement did not stop the Third Reich’s aggressive expansionism and it’s heinous crimes.

Currently, we are seeing appeasement being used yet again, this time in the Israel-Palestine conflict. On November 29th, 2012 PA President Mahmoud Abbas approached the UN General Assembly and asked for non-member status. The vote passed with a majority voting in favor of granting the PA non-member status.

My ultimate question to the PA: What have you done to prove to the world that you are willing to accept Israel as a nation and coexist with them in peace? More importantly, you, the PA, and your predecessors have been offered full statehood from Israel, as well as from the United Nations, and have rejected all offers. So what gives you the right to now go to the UN and ask for an upgrade in status? Lets not forget the fact that your own President, Mahmoud Abbas, cannot safely enter much of the area that he has claimed as part of the non-member status territory, seeing that the Gaza Strip has been controlled by Hamas since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005.

PA, have you even done anything to make the people that you have been elected to rule over less hostile towards Israel? No, you continually break much of the agreements you have made with Israel. In fact, you have been trying to create a union between yourselves and Hamas.

PA, you also refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist, and you refuse to recognize that Jerusalem has legitimate Jewish roots. Mind you, we do not need your recognition to prove the Jewish roots of Jerusalem or Israel’s right to exist as affirming what we already need this to be true. We need you, the PA to admit this because it serves as a basis for any future peace talks. If you do not admit Israel’s right to exist, what is the point of even attempting peace talks?

Lastly, I have a question for the member nations of the UN. What will it accomplish by appeasing an organization or a group of people that has continuously using terrorism to obtain their end goal? The only thing I would think that it would accomplish is telling these organizations that the world will cave to the threat of terrorism. Therefore, these organizations will either continue using, encouraging, or backing terrorism to obtain their end goal. WE MUST NOT LET THIS BECOME A PRECEDENT.

What should you, members of the UN, have done instead of this upgrade this status? Be present at the peace talks and force the two opposing sides to make peace. By upgrading the Palestinian Authority’s UN member status, you have made it less likely that a true and lasting peace will ever be made. Therefore, I blame you for all of the innocent lives that are lost from here on out.

About the Author
Justin Goldstein is currently a second year MSW student at Yeshiva University's Wurzweiler School of Social Work.