Applications Open for the Hillel International Student Cabinet

Never before has there been a more exciting time to be a Jewish college student. For the first time in its history, Hillel International is creating a Student Cabinet, a group of 25 to 30 students that will extend Jewish college students’ ability to connect with one another and scale the impact of Hillels globally.

Hillel International Student Cabinet

In April of 2015, we connected with numerous Jewish students from across the United States as we began to create the foundation and infrastructure of the inaugural Student Cabinet. Through our conversations, we understood the need for more opportunities to connect and network with other student leaders. And we heard the need for more student representation within Hillel International. Then, in November of 2015, we launched our Insights Project, where we received hundreds of responses to our question about what processes and guidelines should make up the selection of the Student Cabinet. Through collected Insights, we pinpointed key processes that student stakeholders globally have identified that will allow for a diverse, all-encompassing inaugural Student Cabinet. We are proud to have used this input to create a transparent selection process for the inaugural Cabinet.

Now, we have launched the application for the Student Cabinet.

This Cabinet seeks to represent all aspects of the modern global Jewish college student voice. With a diverse and passionate background of students, this group will work to address the wants and needs of students from around the world: to increase the student connection to Hillel International as well as create opportunities for student leaders to learn and grow from one another. Through strategic student conferences, regional networking, social collaboration, and idea share, as well as increased communication with Hillel International staff, this student cabinet will serve as the framework solution. Together, these students will shape the work and impact of the Student Cabinet.

The Hillel International Student Cabinet is an opportunity for you to strengthen your connection to Jewish college students around the world and improve the Hillel experience for current and future students. We encourage you to apply today and thank you for your support in this initiative.


Hannah Schlacter: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ‘17

Evan Traylor: University of Kansas ‘16

Hillel International Student Cabinet Co-Founders


About the Author
Hannah Schlacter is a student at the University of Illinois College of Business Honors Program. Passion, ambition, and drive embody her character and impact. Considered a leader in advocacy, she is deeply committed to Zionism, environmentalism, and entrepreneurship. Hannah seeks a career path that will allow her to impact these diverse passions.