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April Fools’ Day hoaxes, fake news, deception or true?

The periods just before Purim and April First are hard ones on me. Which are the articles trying to fool the readers and which the serious ones? I often can’t tell the difference. Here’s the harvest of the last 24 hours. Can you tell which are pulling a fast one on us and which are not? NB: They are all from respectable news providers.

However, reality is often stranger than fiction. My question is not: Which one is fake news? Rather, I wonder which one isn’t.

I’m afraid that the 13 news items are all true though they each sound too ridiculous to be taken for factual. Don’t ask me – I wasn’t a witness. I only read the news.

  1. 13 states support Trump travel ban

12 state attorneys general and one governor ask court to cancel block on Trump’s updated travel ban.

Look at the list of states: progressive ones, one after the other. How could this be true?


This, after we heard all the time that of course Obama had not ordered a tap on Trump’s phone. Now we need to believe that the eavesdropping had happened and was accidental?

  1. In new video from Umm al-Hiran incident, officers heard shouting ‘don’t shoot!’

Commands to hold fire ahead of shooting death of resident heard clearly in new footage from deadly evacuation of Bedouin village

However, nothing is heard clearly in this new clip. The video should not be new. It should only be newly revealed. There is only one shot and then the tape stops. Seeing it, one gets the strong impression that are being misled, but probably not for April fools’ day – rather for everyday’s fools.

  1. Satmar Rebbe blasts anti-draft demonstrations

Leader of anti-Zionist Hassidic sect condemns road-blockings by Yerushalmi Faction against draft of yeshiva students.

“We’ve been fighting against the Zionists for more than 60 years now, but there was never any lawlessness like this. Jerusalem residents are suffering, with roads shut down [by protesters] and other actions.” “Imagine yourselves here in New York shutting down Lee Avenue, Bedford Avenue, or the BQE [Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, Interstate Highway 278].”

How can this be true? Vilifying Israel is OK but blocking traffic is not?

  1. Israeli Design Student Gives the World Washing Machine Cuisine

Iftach Gazit, a student at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, has designed, as part of his as part of Gazit’s Industrial Design course, food bags that can be added to the laundry cycle to cook dinner while waiting for your clothes to get clean.

This surely is a prank. You can’t cook food that needs 200 Celsius for half an hour in 50 Celsius for 2 hours (of 8 hours for that matter). But again, who knows? Maybe the artist does not know biochemistry.

  1. Tree believed to have hidden Jews during Holocaust voted Europe’s best

Over 120,000 Europeans took part in this year’s competition by casting their votes for their favorite tree online.

A tree of the year contest? May the best one win. At least these Westerners show respect for the elderly (trees).

  1. Comedian unwraps Holocaust denial with apparel line

When comedian Nathan Fielder found out that his favorite jacket company paid postmortem tribute to a known anti-Semite and Holocaust revisionist in one of their catalogs over a decade ago, he did what any nice Jewish comedian would do: he opened up a competing jacket company.

I want such a jacket because I want to fight Holocaust denial? Sounds crazy to me, but would it be good taste to make yet another Holocaust joke??

  1. Trump ally Giuliani to defend alleged Iran sanctions violator — report

Zarrab is accused of playing a key figure in helping Iran evade sanctions that had been designed to thwart the country’s nuclear program and efforts to carry out terror attacks against Israelis and others.

Sure, what’s next? The leader of ISIS asks Trump for business advice?


France had obtained spies on Syria but Israel had turned them into spies for Israel.

What would be unethical about that? The best boss gets the workers, no?

10. New York Times Writes Jews out of Crown Heights

This must be a prank, no? Crown Heights without Jews is like Jerusalem without Jews. They must be kidding. But they are serious?

11. Israeli Technology Pulls Water out of Thin Air During AIPAC Conference

… a machine—developed by the Israeli company Water-Gen—that is capable of extracting and purifying water from the air. The company’s machine can produce between 15 and 20 liters of drinking water per day.

In countries without water this will save everyone, their food, their animals, their fodder. Just plug it in and – oops. Plug into what? This is as stupid as the invention of instant water. When you’re without, you open the bag, poor in water, and … it’s ready for drinking. (Better idea: just spread sheets of plastic over the ground and the dew will irrigate the ground.)

  1. US group sues to allow child to be named Allah

State of Georgia says last name must be mother‘s, father‘s or combination; parents say they can‘t get birth certificate

Sounds crazy but truthful, but one never knows.

The Netherlands have a better principle than a privilege for parents to name their children anything they want. They can’t if it’s fair to assume the child will be pestered because of it.


Advertising campaign for film chooses to leave off female cartoon character – though nobody requested it.

Who can say if this is true or not? It’s already too bizarre that the Smurfs are shown in Israel, with the villain being the hook-nosed wizard Gargamel with his cat Azraël. According to French sociologist Antoine Buéno, Gargamel is suggestive of a stereotype of a Jew, having a big nose, magic powers, love of gold, and keeping a Mezuzah by the door of his hut (clearly identifiable in several panels of the comic).[1]

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