Arabs’ Masterplan to Destroy the Land of Israel

If Israel is established and globally known as the state of the Jewish people, then why is there so much tension regarding Israel and everything surrounding it? Well, it’s because the Arab nation will not let go of “their land”, and thus is attempting to get rid of Israel. First of all, they are going to war against Israel in both conventional and unconventional manners. Secondly, the Arabs are causing terror across the state Israel from ways such as suicide bombers to gunman shooting down civilians. Lastly, the Arabs are delegitimizing Israel by claiming that the Holocaust never occurred! These are the methods in which the Arab nation is attempting to destroy the land of Israel.

The Independence Day War, the Six Day War, and the Yom Kippur War; these are all three major wars in which the Arabs attempted to simply attack Israel in hopes of destroying it and the Jewish nation. Thankfully, they were unsuccessful as Israel still stands today as the land of the Jewish people. However, this led to the idea of unconventional war, which involves nuclear weapons. As such, Iraq tried to acquire them first, but Israel luckily destroyed them. Next, Syria was on its way to building nuclear weapons themselves, yet Israel intervened at just the right moment. Now, Iran is trying to acquire these weapons, and Israel, along with the United States and others, is trying to stop this from happening. As bad as this sounds, this is only the first attempt at destroying Israel, and as one can see war is a prime factor in it.

As most Arab terrorists believe, “If we scare the Jews, they will want to leave us”. This is the Arabs’ next stage of attempting to get rid of Israel: terrorism. Terrorism is defined as the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. With that being said, Arab terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas are executing things like suicide bombing and opening fire on innocent civilians. As opposed to what these terrorists believed, Israel stood up to this, and defend themselves against these acts. For example, Israel built a wall between the Arab and Jewish neighborhoods in order to further protect from terror and violence! Even though this stage is not as deadly as war, terrorism occurs very often, and one simply does not know when or where it will happen. As such, Israel is strongly focusing on stopping these acts of violence, though as mentioned before, it is extremely difficult to do so.

The last and final stage at attempting to destroy Israel by the Arabs is Holocaust Denial and, in other words, delegitimization. The Arabs hope to delegitimize Israel by saying that Israel was only created as a response to the Holocaust, which they and countless others believe never even happened. Moreover, they believe that “if we spread the lie enough, we will be able to say that the Holocaust never happened”. As sick as it sounds, this strategy will eventually be successful. If the Arabs keep denying it and denying it over the next hundred of years, people will eventually believe it, especially since there wouldn’t be any living proof of the Holocaust. This may sound ridiculous to some, but if the Holocaust deniers keep pursuing their goal then they will be successful, and Israel may lose its delegitimization as a consequence.

The Arab nation will stop at nothing to destroy Israel and the Jewish nation. The reason behind this is that they believe that Israel is truly their land, and thus should have total control over the land. In order to achieve their goal, they have been causing both conventional and unconventional war, promoting terrorism, and denying the legitimacy of Israel by denying the Holocaust. All in all, the Arab nation is eager to destroy the land of Israel, and as one can see they will stop at nothing to get what they want, even if that means constant bloodshed.

About the Author
Ilan Lapco is from Miami, Florida, and attends a Jewish private school. In school, he learns many things, but what interests him is what he learns about Israel.