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Archeology against Holocaust denial

Praise for the scientists who unearthed evidence of Treblinka's gas chambers
Tilefrom Treblinka's gas chamber, complete with Star of David
Tile from Treblinka’s gas chamber, complete with Star of David

Recently we’ve seen dark clouds of Jew hatred gathering in the horizon. The Jew haters work in 3 stages: first, change the past; second, demonize and marginalize in the present; third, prepare the next pogrom, genocide or Holocaust.

This is the way Hitler worked. He rewrote history to make “the Jew” responsible for every evil that befell the “good guys” i.e., “the Aryan Nation”. Then, he systematically marginalized and demonized Jews by putting them out of business, closing universities to them and declaring even their artwork as “degenerate”. Only then did he move in for the kill.

Today, we see the same process going on. The leading international proponent of Jew hatred is Iran. So, following the same tried and true formula, its leaders systematically attempt to change the past i.e., they deny the past Holocaust, so as to create the conditions for the future one. Most recently, at the beginning of March while America was negotiating a “new relationship” with Iran, its “spiritual” leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said that the reality of the Holocaust was “uncertain”. This comes after years of Holocaust denial by Iran’s former president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Step two, for today’s Jew haters, is the attempt to systematically boycott the Jewish state and anyone who supports it. This tactic is best represented by the worldwide “BDS” movement i.e., boycott, divest and sanction. Their idea is that the Jewish state, Israel, is a pariah state that should be demonized, marginalized and ghettoized.

Step three, of course, is to prepare the future Holocaust. As a child of Holocaust survivors, I have to be careful not to seem paranoid but, as they say, even paranoids have enemies. Iran has been working tirelessly to develop the capacity to produce and deliver nuclear weapons aimed at Israel. Like Hitler, Iran refers to Jews, as represented by the Jewish state, as a disease. So what do you do with a disease? You try to destroy it.

The amazing thing is that all this is happening in plain sight: Holocaust denial, BDS marginalization and nuclear development are happening before our very eyes while there are still Holocaust survivors among us. And yet, Iran continues to be an acceptable partner for negotiation, the BDS crowd is considered a hip, anti-apartheid type movement and Iran’s nuclear capability is advancing by the day.

In this current context, it’s a pleasure to give a standing ovation to fellow documentary filmmakers, Charles Furneaux and David Edgar, whose film “Treblinka: Hitler’s Killing Machine” just aired on the US Smithsonian Channel. Furneaux and Edgar follow forensic archeologist, Caroline Sturdy Colls, as she looks for the physical evidence of Treblinka’s gas chambers, destroyed by the Nazis in 1943. What she finds corroborates the testimony from witnesses: brick buildings, orange tiles complete with stars of David to trick the victims into thinking that they were in a Jewish-style bathhouse for delousing purposes, and bones – lots and lots of bones.

Just as the bad guys follow a three-step program, the good guys have to do the same. Working backwards: Step three is the neutralization of the bad guys’ capacity to create another Holocaust. Step two is to unabashedly call out the Jew haters for what they are. Colls, Furneaux and Edgar have made a significant contribution to the first step: making sure that the past is not rewritten or denied.

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Simcha Jacobovici is a Canadian-Israeli filmmaker and journalist. He is a three-time Emmy winner for “Outstanding Investigative Journalism” and a New York Times best selling author. He’s also an adjunct professor in the Department of Religion at Huntington University, Ontario.
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