Dov Ivry
Dov Ivry

Are Chinese Egyptians? — Urim-Thummim, Anyone?

This month the publication Foreign Policy, known as FP, ran an article entitled, “Does Chinese Civilization Come From Ancient Egypt?” It was written by “Ricardo Lewis,” a Brazilian who is a research physicist at a university in Hefni, China, and whose full name is Ricardo Lewis Lambo.

He is reporting on the research of an eminent geochemist named Sun Weidong.

Sun quotes an early historian referring to the ruler of the first dynasty where he describes the main river in his land. It flows north, divides, and thence to the sea. The only river in the world that flows north is the Nile.

Because the Chinese don’t know where they originated, theories like this spring up periodically and gain large followings. The last one was triggered by a French philologist Albert Terrien de Lacouperie in 1892 “who compared the hexagrams of the ‘Book of Changes’ with the cuneiform of Mesopotamia and proposed that Chinese civilization originated in Babylon.”

Those who are interested can easily find Lewis’s article on the web. But what has this got to do with Israel? Leaving aside invasions, which Sun is talking about, learning more about ancient cultural transference may be the only way Jews will be able to figure out how the Urim and Thummin, the  oracle devices employed by the high priest at the Temple, worked.

Paul Carus, the great intellectual, editor of The Monist, wrote two comprehensive articles on the Urim and Thummim, the first in 2005 (Vol. XV) and then 2007 (Vol. XVII). The first was about Chinese occultism in which he linked into the Urim and Thummim and the second about them which he linked back to Chinese occultism. Among his varied points was to relate the urim and thummim to as yin and yang. (Cornelis van Dam, a Canadian theologian, said in his book in 1997 on Urim and Thummin said that scholars have rejected all of Carus’s theories.)

The Urim and Thummim, for which there is no precise definition, were unique in that they were employed to record messages from the Supreme Being. But apparently they were not unique in kind or in principle. Therein lies the opportunity to shed light on them.

The species got off a great start in terms of basic knowledge as evidenced by what the Sumerians in Mesopotamia came up with.

Joseph Campbell: “From all that we know of ancient Mesopotamia, it is evident that certain numbers were supposed to give access to a knowledge of the cosmic order, and as early as c. 3200 BCE, with the first appearance of written tablets, two systems of numeration were employed, the decimal and the sexigesimal. The latter was based on the soss (60), by which unit we still both measure circles and calculate time.

“Sixty seconds make one minute, 60 minutes one degree, 360 degrees one circle. The heavens and the earth are measured in degrees. And in the circle of time: 60 seconds make a minute, 60 minutes an hour. The Mesopotamian year was reckoned as 360 days; so that the circles of time and space were in accord, as two prospects of the same principle of number.”

Whatever the Sumerians knew, the Indians in their far-flung Harappan civilization so advanced that they had flush toilets, also knew, because they were in constant contact through brisk trade. So did the Chinese and so did the Egyptians. They just did not exchange goods, but knowledge.

V. Gordon Childe: “Trade did not stop short at raw materials. … The cities of Sumer were in commercial relations with others on the Nile and the Indus. Commodities manufactured by the specialized industries of one urban centre were traded to the bazaars of another.”

“Now that sort of commerce in the Orient is not, and never can have been, a mere transportation of bales of merchandise from place to place. At the termini and at stations on the way the caravans and merchant dhows must make prolonged halts. Representatives, probably colonists from the exporting country, must receive the goods at their destination and arrange a return load, entertaining the travellers in the meantime. … We may imagine colonies of Indian merchants settled at Ur and Kish. Trade under such conditions is very really a means of intercourse, a channel by which ideas and be diffused on an international scale.”

Carus zeroed in on the Urim and Thummim.

Paul Carus: “Chinese occultism is based upon a rational, nay a philosophical, or even a mathematical, conception of existence.”

“Among the ancient traditions of China there is a unique system of symbols called the ‘yih,’ i.e. ‘permutations’ or ‘changes,’ which consists of all possible combinations of two elements, called … the negative principle, yin, and the positive principle, yang.”

“The book in which the permutations of yang and yin are recorded, was raised in ancient times to a dignity of a canonical writing, a class of literature … called ‘king’ in Chinese. Hence the book is known under the title of ‘Yih King.’

“The Yih King is one of the most ancient, most curious, and most mysterious documents in the world. It is more mysterious than the pyramids of Egypt, more ancient than the Vedas of India, more curious than the cuneiform inscriptions of Babylon. … The yih is capable of representing all combinations of existence.

“The elements of the yih, yang … and yin … stand for the elements of being.

“Yang means ‘bright,’ and yin ‘dark.’

“Yang is the principle of heaven; yin the principle of earth.

“Yang is the sun, yin is the moon.

“Yang is masculine and active; yin is feminine and passive.

“The former is motion; the latter is rest.”

“It speaks well for the mathematical genius of the ancient founders of Chinese civilization that the original order of yih, attributed to Fuh Hi, corresponds closest to (the) binary system of arithmetic.

“If we let the yin represent 0 and the yang 1, it appears … the eight trigrams signify the … eight figures from 0 to 7.”

“At the beginning of Chinese history stands a tablet which in some mysterious way is supposed to be connected with an explanation of the universe. It has been reconstructed by later Chinese thinkers and is pictured in the hands of Fuh Hi as an arrangement of the … figures in the Yih King.

“Considering the several traces of Babylonian traditions in ancient Chinese literature and folklore, would it not be justifiable to identify the tablet of Fuh Hi with the … ‘Tablet of Destiny?’… It seems to be not improbable that the Chinese tablet in the hands of Fuh Hi is the same as the ‘Tablet of Destiny’ of the Sumerians.”

“An explanation of the universe which derives all distinctions between things, conditions, relations, etc., from differences of mixture, must have appeared very plausible to the ancient sages of China, and we appreciate their acumen when we consider that even today advanced Western scientists of reputation attempt to explain the universe as congeries of force centres, acting either by attraction or repulsion in analogy to positive and negative electricity.”

“Urim and Thummim, the divination device in the Temple, looks to be related to yin and yang in some manner and to Yih King and perhaps to the Tablet of Destiny although how is not known.”

He goes for the Babylonian origin of Chinese culture.

Paul Carus: “The evidences that indicate a Western origin civilization are very strong, and it seems that the first Chinese settlers must have come in prehistoric times from a country that was closely connected with the founders of Babylonia culture.

“There is an unmistakable resemblance between cuneiform writing and Chinese script, so as to make it quite probably that they have been derived from a common source.

“We have, further, the sexagenary cycle corresponding to the use of the number 60 in Babylonia.”

“Moreover, the Chinese divide the circle into 360 degrees as did the Babylonians, a system which has been adhered to in the West down to modern times.”

Sun Weidong in his theory connects Chinese origins to the Hyksos, who were invaders of Egypt. Lots of luck. Here he would run into the minefield of Egyptian chronology. Every historian trying to relate Jewish history to Egypt makes a complete fool of himself. Only Immanuel Velikovsky figured it out and came up with reasonable dates, at least for the Exodus. You have to remove the redundancy, which only Velikovsky did. The Egyptians had a curious way of writing history; they simply repeated things.

Henri Frankfort: “In the accounts of royal achievements which we should classify as historical texts, we find, to our exasperation, that everything that is singular and historical is treated as of little account. For example, we find that King Pepi II depicted his victory over the Libyans with such apparent care that he even had the names of captured Libyan chiefs written beside their images in the reliefs of his temple. But we happen to know that captured Libyan chiefs with precisely the same names figure in the reliefs of King Sahure 200 years earlier! In the same way Ramses III enumerated his conquests in Asia by name, but in so doing copied a list of Ramses II, who in his turn, had utilized a list of Thutmosis III.”

Then you have an impossibility that has to be resolved in the Israelites’ history. You have a horde of barbarians swarming in from the desert into a land that sits in a vacuum. There was no such thing. The regional powers had spheres of influence. If the Egyptians had been themselves, they would eventually have marched an army down and annihilated the Hebrews or re-enslaved them. But Velikovsky’s dates solve that. He has the Hyksos coming in while the Hebrews are going out. The Egyptians were ripe for the plucking and the Hyksos took over Egypt while the Hebrews are invading Canaan. They left the Hebrews alone because the Hyksos were bogged down trying to keep the lid on in Egypt. The Hyksos were also friendly. Descent in Egypt was matrilineal. They would never marry a princess to a foreigner because that might give them a claim on the throne. Yet the “Egyptians” married Batya, daughter of pharaoh, to Mered, of the tribe of Judah. She had to be a Hyksos.

Eventually the Babylonians, the other regional power, did see what has happening, that there was no one minding the store, and just rolled in under Cushan Double Trouble, as he seems to be called. The Hebrews were kaput. They could not beat any foes whose possessed iron chariots, let alone a complete standing army.

No one anywhere could overcome iron chariots at that time because the solution, the javelin, had not yet been discovered. (Deborah won over them because she was smart, and did it through strategy but she was exceptional and Cushan’s invasion was before that.)

How did the Hebrews get rid of Cushan? Aliens did it. I’m not kidding. We call them Kenizzites.

Robert K. C. Temple wrote a book called “The Sirius Mystery” in which he says aliens from Sirius seeded civilization in Egypt and that explains why it seemed to come out of nowhere. Some of his book is okay and it doesn’t really conflict with the story in the Torah. There it refers to the “nephillim,” who came from outer space, and set up in Hebron. They were giants. They split up and some went down to Egypt.

Let’s go back. A Jewish girl fell in love with one of the aliens who took a Hebrew name Jephunnah, meaning “he turned.” Sirius is called the “dog star.” He wanted to remember his origins so he named one of his sons Calev, or “Dog.” Today we would call him “the Hound.”

Despite his not having been a direct descendant of the founding father Avraham, Calev was fast-tracked to head his tribe of Judah. He knew the enemy and was a giant himself.

I happen to believe that numbers underlie everything real and I use that, not to prove a case, but just so I won’t waste my time. I’ll give you my standard example. You should be able to pick up the date of the re-establishment of State of Israel in numbers. In this language 17 stands for life and 360 for wholeness.

I suspected that 17 and 360 somehow would give me the date of the rebirth of the State of Israel, May 14, 1948. The people finally became whole and it was a celebration of life after long years of living with nothing but death.

Multiply 17 by 360 and you get 6,120. The name “Elohim” in Hebrew on a five-pointed star works out to pi. Divide 6,120 by pi out to 7 digits (3.1415926) and you get 1948.056537. That 1948 is the year. That 5 is the month. The string 6 + 5 + 3 = 14 is the day. The number absent in the string, 4, is the time the Declaration of Independence was signed. The 7 stands for the first full day of the new state.

Calev with Yehoshua, that’s Joshua, led the charge into the Promised Land after being the only two tribal leaders who didn’t chicken out the first time. You could call them the original Mr. Spock and Capt. Kirk. The numbers check out in English and Hebrew. The numeral “1” stands for the involvement of the Supreme Being.

Mr. Spock, 95, and Kirk, 49, + 1 = 145 = Calev, 43, and Yehoshua, 102. Calev unlike Spock, was one huge guy. So: Calev, 43, + giant, 51 + 1 = 95 = Mr. Spock, 95.

This comes out in Hebrew in a slightly different way. I have to go to Yehoshua’s original name, which was Hoshea, and again refer to Calev as a giant. Spock, 246, + Kirk, 410 = 656 = Calev, 52, + giant, 220, + Hoshea, 384.

This brings up to the topic at hand, how did the Hebrews get rid of that Babylonian army? Let’s go back to ancient Egypt again. Women owned most of the property there. When the Hebrews wanted compensation for the labor that the government had stolen from them, they first sent our women around to talk to the Egyptian women. These had all the money and they made the decisions. Egyptian girls got the same education opportunities as the boys. In the tribe of Ephraim the girls would look back in a matrilineal manner to their ancestress Osnath, the Egyptian priestess, for their cultural standards. When they came into Israel, Sheerah qualified as a engineer and became Israel’s first major building contractor. She built Beth Horon.

Calev’s daughter Achsah was typical Egyptian in culture, independent and irrepressible, always seemed to be complaining about stuff not being done right. Calev couldn’t just tell her that she should marry Othniel, her cousin, because they were compatible in temperament and size. He had to go through a song-and-dance of his winning her hand.

Othniel and Achsah led the campaign to drive out Cushan Double Trouble, one of Israel’s most critical victories in its history, and it must have been a scintillating campaign, worthy of a TV series. But it is played down and glossed over because they were aliens. The idea was this was a one-off. The Hebrews would get help from aliens once; after that they were on their own. Othniel and Achsah brought peace for 40 years to the country. Who can even imagine that?  Today you have to think in bites of 40 days.

I cover these topics in two books, if I may be permitted to say so: “Moses Was A Black African & The Jews Came Out Of India;” and “The Real-Life Mr. Spock: His Name Was Calev.”




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