Shashi Ishai
Shashi Ishai

Are There Jews in Biafra?

When I do my morning prayers, my eyes are drawn to one passage, in which (I paraphrase), Hashem warns His people: “do not put your faith in neither horse, nor man, for they are born from dust and will return to dust.  I am the Lord who brought you out of Egypt to be your G-d. I am the Lord.” This is a timeless, classic tenant of Jewish worship- faith and belief. Everything else is just flotsam and Jetsam.  But then, my Emunah feels a little woozy, a bit unbalanced, when I think of the phrase, “May He help us on the day we call.” For at times, He turned His face away, with good reason.

Although Moses went before the Pharaoh, as he was commanded (Hashem), the Egyptian King and his Court were no doubt overwhelming. The fact was that Moses was able to stand strong in his commitment to G-d, with complete Emunah (trust), no matter what the mortal obstacle and outcome would be. Let us remember that Moses did not go to the Pharaoh to seek freedom on his own initiative; but rather, he waited for Hashem to summon him and fulfill His wish.

It is now Tuesday, December 8, 1942, 12:00. Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, the head of the Jewish Congress, and other leaders of the American Jewish community, sat in the anteroom, awaiting their fifteen-minute audience with FDR. The meeting lasted twenty-nine minutes. Wise, along with his consortium of prestigious Jewish leaders, held a document outlining the Nazi Final Solution Plan to annihilate the entire Jewish population of Europe. This was the ONLY meeting FDR held, regarding the Holocaust and Europe’s slaughtered Jews. The purpose of THIS conference was to present a prepared memorandum on the German atrocities in Poland consisting of an appeal to the President for immediate action against the German extermination of Jews, and also a 12 page memorandum citing the facts that have been garnered on the subject.

I digress a bit, as the meeting was opened with a surprise revelation on the character of FDR. After the perfunctory introductions, the President opened the dialogue by saying this:

“I am a sadist, a man of extreme sadistic tendencies. The President sat at his desk, smoking a cigarette in a long, chic, cigarette holder. No other words can describe the items that adorned his desk, but bizarre, suggesting something symbolic in his mind’s psyche. Every bit of space was occupied by all sorts of cheap trinkets…ash trays, brass and porcelain figures, all souvenirs of a trivial, almost vulgar nature. OK, you would like a few photos of your family, or photos commemorating an important event…but, the fact was, there was not one single space for any of these gentlemen to put these solemn memorandums down, as if the President didn’t have any interest in seeing/hearing them. He did mention in conversation that a. he was a sadist; and b. was this a conscious or unconscious sadistic act of trivializing murdered Jews? As worthless as plastic, non-human clumps of molded plastic?

By this following statement, it was clear that there was no need to produce any documents of proof or memorandums gathered from other sources, irrefutably attesting to the Holocaust in Europe.

“The government of the United States is very well acquainted with most of the facts you are now bringing to our attention. We have received confirmation from many sources. But we cannot treat these matters in normal ways. We are dealing with an INSANE MAN- Hitler…. It is ironic to note, at this point, that nobody knew of the fervent hatred FDR held for the Jews. A new book reveals information, based on hidden correspondence written by FDR and his close, confidantes, which depicts a man, as insane as his counterpart, Hitler. Hitler was overt in his sadistic, obsessive hatred; FDR showed a more covert deceptive façade, but a self-admitted sadist, nevertheless.

FDR’s message to Rabbi Wise was simply “Be quiet about the Jews.”

The American Jewish public had no idea about what was going on in Europe. The news kept quiet, to do the bidding of the President. Keep it hidden. America was not ready for war. In fact, at the meeting, FDR told Wise that it was a tricky, delicate situation, for by taking immediate, hostile action, it would imply that all German citizens were as barbaric as their leader – certainly, he felt, that the good people of Germany would take care of their own problem, eternally.

My mind races to think how Stephen Wise went home and tried to grasp some sense of normality within his own home. How did he look at himself in the mirror, knowing that he ultimately obliged the President by keeping quiet, while he was responsible for not convincing the President to change his mind and tactics? How the bitter taste of swallowing FDR’s putrid, civilized venom tasted in his mouth; the knowledge that “they knew everything” broke his naive hope that once it was revealed, this mortal man’s heart and mind would surrender to humanity and justice.

It has been exactly 14 months that I have experience the pain of silence, from doing everything in my power to tell the world of the heinous, covert Shoah happening in Biafra, right now. It would be shameful if you could see the list of people contacted by a consistent barrage of social media, registered letters, everything humanly possible to make Buhari’s ethnic cleansing agenda on equal par as anyone else’s Holocaust….Darfur, Sudan, Armenia, China…..Iran…where if there is the slightest hint that you are gay, you are sentenced to death by hanging, or worse. However, in Biafra and Nigeria, there is no need to be suspected of anything criminal or subversive. You are picked up off the street, airlifted to a secret torture chamber, arrested by “the police” made up of the likes of terrorist scum: Baku Haram, Fulani-Hausa Herdsmen and most horrifying, ISIS. Where is the international outcry? When was the actual end of the 69 Civil War, in which over half the population were starved, died of disease, lack of medicine…all they needed was for the corrupt, British puppet government to put a number on their arms, and take away their names…..Sixty years ago, their bodies were dying, but their spirits held forth the memory of their ancestors, the re-awakening of who they were. When the Portuguese came around, escaping the Inquisition themselves- Cryptic Jews or Conversos, (even Christopher Columbus is now believed to by a Hidden Jew), they were surprised to meet their African counterparts, employing the rituals and celebration of Shabbat.

Most Jews ask: “Where is Biafra?” and “There are Jews in Biafra?”  As a matter of fact, a group whose mission is “to seek out isolated groups of Jews, who claim some link to Judaism, whether through oral tradition….this Rabbi and his group will travel there, do a mass conversion if necessary, live amongst them and teach them all that is needed, and many times, bring them to a mass Exodus to Israel! This seemed like a (false) Messiah for me, as to the plight of Biafra…However, with the consistent choice of no reply, I felt that you have to be lucky to be born in India, Russia, China, or any other nation…but NOT Biafra. At a recent zoom conference who spoke about the achievements of this org in bringing Jews back to Judaism, I was appalled at the snub of the IPOB. Indigenous. People. Of Biafra…Has there ever been the slightest interest to do a massive DNA blood test on the Igbo nation, instead of merely dismissing them as “not really Jews.” Funny, if any nation, say the American Indian nation, were colonized, their children ripped from their arms and sent to “Church run schools” to beat the savagery out of them, and turn them into perfectly respectable Christians…yep, that is what government-run programs have a mission to do. Forget the past, erase all memories of culture…. Does this sound similar to Biafran subjugation and the de-culturalization of their ancestral legacy?

Not where is Biafra, but who are the Biafrans…. According to the explanation of the very esteemed Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, the Igbos Biblical Genealogy traces back to Genesis 29 verse 30, Jacob’s twelve sons. The Igbo were originally known as NdiGboo. “don’t bow for anyone.”. Jacob’s son, Joseph, became the Vicar of Egypt, and saved them from a terrible drought; he was beloved and trusted by the then Pharaoh. When this Pharaoh died, as did Joseph, there was a new mistrust and hostility toward the ancient Hebrews. The descendants of Gad (the seventh son of Joseph, saw the proverbial handwriting on the wall, and sojourned throughout Africa to West Africa, now Biafraland.

There has been much controversy on the Igbo’s link to Judaism and Israel. About a year ago, I had the privilege of speaking via phone to Mazi Nmandi Kanu. He had told me that the Igbo descended from Gad, and settled in Africa, with a Divine Mission. The Igbo’s mission was to stay where they were, and spread the light of G-d, as a beacon in darkest Africa.

In the Daily Sun Newspaper, March 28th, 2004, Israeli Ambassador Noah Katz confirmed that Igbos are Jews. Biafrans do not want to move to Israel, but long to come on a pilgrimage to Holy Sites, where their ancestors dwelled so long ago.

I did want to conclude this blog with a quote from Nobel Prize Winner Professor Akinwande Oluwole Babatunde Soyinka: “Only in Africa will thieves be regrouping to loot again and the youths whose future is being stole will be celebrating it….You can apply these wise words to the violence permeating in every niche of the world today.  Just today, I saw South Africans showing banners of hatred: “the honeymoon for whites in S Africa is over.” Like Buhari, they also have an agenda for ethnic cleansing. Look at the US and the BLM movement. Its leaders are (wealthy) Marxists who planned this whole agenda of unbridled rage and looting by canonizing the persona of a murderer and criminal. Instead of charging the police officer with prison to the fullest sentence, appropriate to the crime, the BLM edited it to meet their own desires. Ironically not all black lives mattered. In fact, the violence ensued in their own neighborhoods. Black storekeepers, who worked and saved diligently, lost everything, as violent gangs felt “entitled” to loot and destroy.

In conclusion, as Mazi Nmandi lies in barbaric imprisonment, with no legal counsel, no medication, and  illegally extradited from Kenya (and he is a British citizen) Biafran youth restrain themselves from taking to the streets, but as one proud nation, protesting  for his release. They do not feel entitled to stealing property, be-heading the enemy as they do unto them…And in support, wherever Igbo are, they are peacefully protesting in front of British embassies to let Mazi Nmandi go free, as well as free Biafra. Unfortunately, the brainwashed masses, whose ideology of hatred have been tattooed on their brain since birth, have not come to a state of enlightenment and awareness. But they too will have their bubble of “Eureka.”

I did something to benefit Mazi Nmandi Kanu’s good name. I nominated him for the Genesis Prize, the equivalent of the Jewish Nobel Peace Prize. It will go to someone who has given the world an important message, particularly the Jewish nation. Who is more befitting of this one-million-dollar prize? I encourage you to go on the Genesis Prize website and nominate him, as well.

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  • Quote from Nobel Prize Winner Professor Akinwande Oluwole Babatunde Soyinka. FB July 12, 2021Interview with Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe. BREAKING NEWS 7/7/21



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