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Are you living life on others’ Code of Conduct?

Many times someone comes to me when they feel that there’s something holding them back.
Something inexplicable.
They can’t find it.
Can’t catch it.

But they know it’s there.
And present.

And so we start our work.

One of the things that comes up is limiting beliefs.
Heard the term?
It basically means that a person is living their life based on a set of rules. Like a code of conduct. And some of these beliefs are limiting more than helping.
But here’s the thing:
They may not have chosen all those rules!
We have so many rules inherited from previous generations.
Passed down in attitudes, sayings, mantras and family lore.

And they had a real reason for being created!
They were survival, smart techniques in their time.
But now they’re not.
They’re no longer relevant. In fact they are now doing just the opposite of what they were created for.

And if those who came before you could see how it’s tripping you up today, they would be saddened.

So we look at all the inherited beliefs.
And as Jews persecuted for thousands of years, there are many!
All the times our ancestors had to run, had to hide, had to play it so small just to ensure survival.
And we carry that deep within us.

And we have to choose if we want to keep that piece of the legacy.

Because there are other parts to the legacy that are awesome!
Resilience, capability, adaptability, ingenuity, capacity.

Can you imagine that we can choose which beliefs to keep? And surrender those that hold us back?
That we can choose to keep the awesome qualities that are already in our blood, and release those that don’t serve us?

If you want to start this process, this is how to go about it:
1. Write down all the inherited family beliefs. The common sayings, you’ve heard a million times.
Choose what will propel your forward, develop you, improve your life: keep those! Release the rest by sending them back to those who created them.
2. Write down all the inherited family qualities.
Choose what will aid you in living your best life. Release the rest back to those they belong to.

And send out a thanks to all who came before you, for all they did for you to have the life and opportunities that you have today.

And then go fly!
Make yourself proud, make them proud!

About the Author
Beverly Chimes is a social worker and life coach. With more than 20 years of experience, Beverly helps her clients untangle complex situations and relationships. Her clients then take care of their inner world, prioritize their well-being, show up with more ease, and make the impact they desire.
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