Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Are You Really Alive?

We breathe, eat, think, talk, walk.

Does that make us alive?

In a certain sense, yes.

But in a deeper sense, maybe not.

There are people who breathe, eat, etc, but don’t feel alive.

So it seems that there is more to life; namely a sense of self-worth.

A feeling of meaningful accomplishment.

A certain happiness, or as the French say, “Joie de vivre,” — joyfulness in one’s living.

When our breathing air, eating food, and walking from one place to another is infused with true happiness, joy, and meaning, then we are alive in a full sense of the word.

Torah is called the Torah of life. G-d is referred to as a living G-d.

And when we are attuned to G-d and His will, then we are alive.

Because G-d, Who is the source of all life, informed us, at Mount Sinai, how to be truly alive.

Six hundred thousand people, men, women, and children, witnessed G-d’s revelation to them at Mount Sinai.

It was a historical event that was witnessed, and then transmitted, parent to child, throughout the generations.

At Mount Sinai, G-d told Moses to tell all the nations to follow the seven Noahide laws.

And the Jewish people were later exiled among the nations, in order to be a light to the entire world.

G-d is alive. And, as the Torah says (Deuteronomy 4; 4), “By cleaving to the Lord your G-d, you are all alive this day.”

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