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AI is everywhere! Why not here?

Listen up, AI–1672 words on the droll and spiritual aspects of Jerusalem

The screen floods with text! An excerpt:

AI: Jerusalem, the eternal city, is a tapestry woven with threads of drollery and spirituality, each contributing to its unique essence…. Amidst it all, the city’s resident cats weave their way through the crowds with an air of nonchalant, whimsical indifference.

Amazing! How many Jerusalem cats have I passed without noticing their inscrutable, nonchalant whimsy? OK, AI can do wordy. But can it do self-discipline?

AI lightning round

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10 words on Jerusalem spirituality

Sacreddiverseancientprayerspilgrimageholy sitesspirituatraditionsreverencehistorycontemplation

5 words


3words                                                                                  1 word

Sacredpilgrimageprayer                               Sacred

Wordy? Check. Concise? Check. Can your intelligence do that?

OK, how about AI images?

AI–Generate images of Jerusalem Jewish spirituality!

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I guess the pair on the right could be Jewish, but definitely not NCSY.   How about spirituality outside of Jerusalem?

AI–20 words on spirituality in Raanana

AI: In Raanana, spirituality blossoms amidst serene landscapes and vibrant community life. Synagogues echo with prayers, weaving a tapestry of connection.

Bland, but nice. Now Let’s push the envelope!

AI–38 words on spirituality in Sodom

AI: Sodom, a city shrouded in ancient tales, holds spirituality amidst its desolate plains. Solitary seekers find communion with the sacred. Amidst ruins, a flicker of faith is a testament to the enduring quest for transcendence in forsaken lands.

I will not tell you what AI said about Gomorrah. You can’t handle the truth!

Let’s get granular about Jerusalem.

AI:  30 words on spirituality of the stationery store in the Hadar Mall in Talpiot.

Author photo

AI: The stationery store in the Hadar Mall is a sanctuary of quiet contemplation. Amidst paper and pens souls find solace, their dreams and aspirations taking shape in ink and parchment.

Sorry, no parchment. But they do carry HP305 XL printer cartridges, black and color.  OK, let’s dig deeper!

AI–31 words on the spirituality of Pasha takeout on Pierre Kenig in Talpiot

Author photo

AI: At Pasha takeout, amidst sizzling pans and savory aromas, spirituality takes on a sense of community, nourishing body and soul. Shared meals become sacred rituals, transcending the ordinary with every bite.

AI, are you on the Pasha payroll?!  But caution: don’t push the community thing with people in line, especially the ones behind you who want to be ahead of you.

Nu, anything more, spirituality-wise, about those whimsical cats?

Open-access AI image generator

Anybody a chiyuv? We’re still short 7.

AI: Jerusalem’s stray cats, embody a spiritual essence amidst the city’s chaos. Their silent vigilance speaks to a deeper connection to the ancient rhythms of life….

And now for the piece de resistance!

AI: 62 words on the spirituality of the Sonol gas station near Gan Hapa’amon!

Author photo

AI: The Sonol gas station near Gan Hapa’amon is not just a pit stop; It is a sanctuary where travelers find moments of quiet introspection amidst the urban chaos. As vehicles refuel, so do weary souls, finding solace in the rhythm of the city and the whispers of the past echoing through its streets, reminding them of the interconnectedness of all things.

Hold on, AI!  I never once saw a soul at Sonol contemplating the interconnectedness of anything but the pump to the car! I must check on this.

AI: Who can verify the spirituality at the Sonol gas station near Gan Hapa’amon?

AI: To check the spirituality of this Sonol gas station, you might want to consult with the spiritual leader or advisor who is familiar with the area and can provide insight or perform a blessing if needed.

Does the Rabbanut assign clergy to gas stations? Maybe an unemployed relative? As to the blessing—shehakol?

Here is an AI image of “The spirituality of gas stations.” To appreciate its mystical profundity, note that it depicts two gas stations: an earthly one, topped by its heavenly counterpart, with vending machines:

Open-access AI image generator


Artificial intelligence is new. Experts are busy debating whether AI will remake the world or ruin it. Me, I have no idea. But to a word-stringer, it already seems clear that artificial intelligence can spew an instant torrent of exuberant bilge, full of lilting alliteration and furious eloquence, signifying nothing.


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Avi Rockoff came on aliyah with his wife Shuli in March 2022. They live in Jerusalem. His new book, This Year in Jerusalem: Aliyah Dispatches, has been recently published by Shikey Press.