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Alden Solovy
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As Fires Rage

Fires are burning around the world. A huge fire is consuming a large area of woodland outside of Jerusalem and is moving toward our city. Intense wildfires continue to burn across parts of the western United States. A contingent of Israeli firefighters recently returned from Greece to help battle wild fires there. And so, I’ve revised my prayer “As Fires Rage,” which was originally written in 2018 during the California wildfires of that year with a particular focus on the Golden State. Given the state of fires around the world, this is a more general prayer.

As Fires Rage
G-d beyond my understanding,
Fires consume the land,
Destroying homes and lives,
Blazing into the foundations of serenity and security.
Grant the fire fighters and first responders
Strength and endurance
As they battle the inferno.
Let the winds cease
And rain fall,
And the fires be extinguished.

G-d of justice and mercy,
We pray for the land, wildlife, and people,
In this hour of devastation.
As fires rage and fear spreads,
We pray for the traumatized and the bereaved,
The survivors and the mourners,
Those who have lost homes and dear ones.
Grant them shelter and solace,
Comfort and consolation,
Blessing and renewal.

G-d of heaven and earth,
Hand of love and shelter,
Grant all who are threatened by wildfires
Your protection
And Your peace.

“As Fires Rage” is © 2021 Alden Solovy and

About the Author
Alden Solovy is the Liturgist-in-Residence at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. A liturgist, poet, and educator, his teaching spans from Jerusalem to the UK to synagogues throughout North America. He's the author of five books of modern t'fillot, having written hundreds of pieces of new liturgy. His latest book, "This Precious Life: Encountering the Divine with Poetry and Prayer," released this year, is the final installment in his 'Grateful, Joyous, Precious' trilogy. His work is anthologized in more than 15 volumes of prayers and meditations. Alden made aliyah in 2012. Read his work at
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