As I Landed on The Land of Three Religions

Always presumed as a Country of war, conflicts, relentlessly engaged in cross-border territorial disputes with neighbouring countries and fighting against terrorism since its Inception.

Talking to anybody in Indian about going to Israel, evidently, gives them goose bumps as they always heard the name of Israel with the frightning words like Violence, Terror, along with the unstable middle eastern countries like Syria, Palestine Iraq, Iran, etc. Israel has a reputation and image of very unstable and war-torn country among Indians and nobody ever wants to come.

But, however, as soon as landed at the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, I made myself prepared for any untoward and embarrassing situation regarding immigration, security checks and other VISA related issues, which is what I have heard from friends before who came here earlier. Nonetheless, I got my immigration slip from immigration counter without any effort, questions and security checking to my surprise.

I exchanged 100 USD for 350 Israeli Shekels (Israeli Currency) at exchange centre and came outside of Airport to get a train to Tel Aviv University; unfortunately it was the day of Shabbat the weekly festival of Jewish people, starting from every Friday afternoon to till Saturday evening. During this period all the bus, trains, shops and other public places remain almost closed in whole Country. Thus I had to take a taxi for University for which I was charged 175 Shekels, while via train it would have been only 20 shekels. (1 Shekel = Rs 16.90 Approx).
Although, I was in grate amaze and surprise with a phobia and fear of being a new in Country, where everything seems to be strange from People and Language to Food and Culture, made me think how would I am going to live here for one year.

However, in due course of time, I got a bit of familiar with the Tel Aviv city, the people, culture, language and way of living. The people, who have been fighting to save their existence from last seven decades, would be such warm, easygoing and helpful especially to the Indian people, I didn’t ever expect.

And, of course, obviously, I want to convey to the Indians and people of other nationalities too, who may be aspiring to come to Israel and have scary image of Israel, that I didn’t feel here any difference from any Indian or European Cities in terms of safety and security. Moreover, all the cities in Israel are no less smart than any European and American cities.

Although, I never planned and thought of coming to the country of conflicts, but after coming here I didn’t feel like being over-questioned, over-checked, treated like suspects by security personnel because of different nationally, however, Israel is much vigilant for its security as compare to other European countries; of course they have to be due to prolonged experiences of terrorist activities.

And undoubtedly Tel Aviv city is the most advance and High-tech city in the Middle East, with amazing beaches, beautifully crafted landscapes, roads with free Wi-Fi in whole city and exciting night life.

About the Author
Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, I am a journalist, writer and blogger, worked for leading newspapers and news channels including The Hitavada, DD News in India for many years.