As Mme. Mogherini knows, the “peace process” is not about peace

The European Union’s new foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, is in Israel delivering the same old message: the onus for lack of a peace agreement is on Israel alone, which is the party which has to make all the concessions necessary. Israelis are perplexed and angry that no demands are made on the “Palestinians.” She warns that unless there is an agreement, there will be more violence. She does not say that if there is an agreement, there will be no more violence. No one says that. It’s too blatantly absurd.

Understand that the contribution of the “Palestinians” to the “peace process” is irrelevant because what “negotiations” are about consists exclusively of Israeli concessions. The purpose of the “peace process” is not peace and never was. Anyone who needs proof of that need only read the charters of the PLO and Hamas. Both proclaim the goal to be the destruction of Israel. Hamas further proclaims the goal of the murder of all the Jews in the world. Their charters can be found at and

The purpose of the “peace process” is dismemberment and demoralization of Israel preparatory to a final Arab onslaught to destroy Israel and exterminate the Jews. Notice that no matter what the situation is, no matter what the facts are, the solution is more Israeli concessions.

The charters of those savage organizations should be front and center in all discussions of “peace.” The only immediate practical effect would be to enrage the purveyors of the Two State Solution and to force them to find a different verbal formula for demanding Israel’s capitulation. Enraging them is reason enough to do it but it would not convince any of the decision makers.

You want proof? After the Madrid “peace” conference, in 1492 — oops! In 1992, face to face negotiations started. Shamir appointed as Israel’s negotiator with the Syrians, Yossi Ben-Aharon, who is bilingual Hebrew-Arabic. He is also old enough to remember the prelude to the Six-Day War. He used to begin each session by playing May 1967 broadcasts from Radio Damascus about how they were about to exterminate the Jews, turn the Mediterranean red with Jewish blood, etc. The Syrians were livid. They complained bitterly to the Americans. Secretary of State James L. Baker III, himself, went into orbit with outrage and threatened the Shamir government with terrible retribution of it didn’t stop. Shamir was not easily intimidated and refused to put Ben-Aharon on a tight leash. So the Americans were very happy when Rabin won the election in 1992 and appointed the more gentlemanly Prof. Itamar Rabinowitz to negotiate with the Syrians.

The Western leaders don’t give a damn about the Arabs’ true intentions, which they absolutely know about. The “peace process” is not about peace at all, except by the Arab definition of “peace,” meaning the destruction of Israel. The Road Map does not show the final destination. The road ends at New Auschwitz. “Peace process” is today’s exact counterpart of “Arbeit Macht Frei.”

It is clear that the Allied Powers supported the creation of the State of Israel for the sole purpose of facilitating the extermination of the 600,000 Jews who avoided the gas chambers by being in Eretz Yisrael. After all, British military experts estimated that the Jews could hold out against the combined military intervention by the Arab states for only three days. Before the British left, just to make sure that there would be no slip-ups, they handed over their armaments and every base and other strategic position to the Arabs while they embargoed arms sales to the Jews. The other Allied Powers likewise embargoed arms sales to the Jews, although the Arabs already had established armies and the British would sell them all the additional armaments they wanted. The British also released Nazi German officers from POW prisons to command the Egyptian army.

In 1946, the infamous Mufti, the Haj Amin el Husseini, who first proposed the Holocaust to Hitler and urged it upon him and was more than co-equal to Eichmann in planning and carrying out the Holocaust enterprise, “escaped” from house arrest under American custody in France and “managed” to flee to Egypt, where he could inspire and lead the Arab masses to wage war ferociously against the Jews and to annihilate them. (Eichmann, by contrast, was imprisoned under maximum security, although he too escaped. Quite a coincidence.)

It didn’t work. Miraculously, the Israelis won. So Western diplomacy ever since has been carried on with the goal of denying Israel the fruits of its victory and setting it up for another attempt to destroy it. The “peace process” is just the newest disguise for the furtherance of the Allied Powers Holocaust.

Is that idea jarring? Get used to it. Then you will come to understand the BDS movement against Israel alone out of all the countries of the world. You will understand why Israeli self-defense elicits anguished howling about “war crimes.” You will begin to understand why any accusation, any calumny against Israel is automatically believed, no matter how many times the accusers have been proven to have lied.

The world leaders should be confronted with the blatant truth of Arab intentions at every opportunity, just to make it obvious that anyone who supports the “peace process” and the “two state solution” is really advocating for the annihilation of the Jews of Israel (first).

Let Federica Mogherini defend against that. And let Barrack Obama and John Kerry and the Swedish government and the European NGO’s pressuring the EU to impose sanctions on Israel do the same. Let them explain how peace will come of rendering Israel unable to defend itself.

About the Author
Ya'akov has practiced law in New York, California and Israel for a multi-national clientele including Israeli NGO's. He was a professor of law in the US and has contributed numerous opinion pieces to various media outlets.