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As planet warms, Amazon’s publishing imprint runs with a climate-themed special

You read it right: ‘Warmer’ is a collection of climate-related short stories from seven noted authors, and it’s set to make a big publishing splash when it’s released at the end of this month.

And Amazon Studios, the film arm of Amazon the publishing powerhouse, has “first look” at this collection of  short stories for a possible TV series in the future.

This is how Amazon puts it: “Fear, hope, and imagination collide in this collection of possible tomorrows. What happens when boiling temperatures stoke family resentments during a long, hot winter; when a girl’s personal crisis trumps global catastrophe; or when the storm of the century creates the ideal hookup for two climate scientists to party like it’s the end of the world? Like the best of sci-fi, these cli-fi stories offer up answers that are darkly funny, liberating, and frighteningly conceivable.”

The seven stories are by Jess Walter, Lauren Groff, Jesse Kellerman, Edan Lepucki, Skip Horack, Sonya Larson and Jane Smiley.

It’s an interesting literary project that Amazon is releasing, with a launch date of October 30: a “cli-fi” short story collection (aka ”climate change fiction”), with stories by Lauren Groff (a two times National Book Award finalist), Jess Walters (of ”Beautiful Ruins”), Jane Smiley (Pulitzer winner) and Edan Lepucki (of the Hachette-Amazon dispute fans), among the others. The collection is part of Amazon’s idea to create more benefits for Amazon Prime members.

And note this: the collection does not emphasize speculative sci-fi, but rather this time takes a more hard look at the human relations that are strained under a warming planet, in a way that literary fiction does best. After the recent IPCC report that cautions that humanity has just 12 years to get its act together in regard to stopping runaway global warming, this special Amazon project comes at the right time.

The innovative cli-fi project was pitched by the idea people behind the concept to Amazon as a way of giving fictional writers a collective voice around the greatest existential crisis of our era: climate change and runaway global warming.

The collection will go live at a custom Amazon page: www.amazon.com/warmer on October 30, according to sources.

Here’s the lineup:

”The Way the World Ends,” by Jess Walter
Sleet in Mississippi? In March? A crazy ice storm lays waste to the South this invigorating, touching story of one slippery night, an open bar, and total abandon.

”Boca Raton,” by Lauren Groff
A mother’s latent fears rise as relentlessly as the Florida seas in a startling story of a planet, and an imagination, under pressure.

”Controller,” by Jesse Kellerman
What happens when temperatures flare between a mother and son? A few degrees make all the difference in this blazingly chilling story of psychological terror.

”There’s No Place Like Home,” by Edan Lepucki
In a climate-ravaged future, it’s not easy to grow up. One girl is trying her best in a story about global catastrophe and personal chaos.

“Falls the Shadow,” by Skip Horack
A North Carolina combat vet finds himself far from home on the front lines of an environmental battle to save the planet.

“At the Bottom of New Lake,” by Sonya Larson
A girl growing up in Cape Cod explores the collectible debris of a once-perfect world she’s too young to remember. But as the past resurfaces, so do old questions about her place in society.

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