Ask Avigail: To Save a Life, You Save a World

Ask Avigail: To Save a Life, You Save a World – The Life You Save Might Be Your Own.

If my readers remember from my last post, I spoke about the covert Holocaust being orchestrated against Biafra’s Jews and Christians. The perpetrators of this ethnic cleansing are the Nigerian Military Government (composed of a corrupt, tyrannical Moslem government, as well as two, notorious, terrorist groups – Boko Haram and Fulani-Hausa Bushmen. There is a recent development- the appearance of ISIS has joined this unholy alliance. Although Nigerian blood money has bribed and silenced many portholes of social awareness (social media, publications, yes even fb!), the recent mass rioting of young, male protestors has managed to catch the attention of world media. The enormity of the crowds, the footage of so many noble Biafrans being gunned down in cold blood, are evidence of the Grand Plan to stifle any resistance. I cannot claim this a “Civil War.” One can compare the Nazi extermination of Jews and other minorities- were they, the victims, agitators, troublemakers, a threat against the Third Reich. Friends cautiously tell me to read “the other side’s point of view”. Again, is ethnic cleansing a valid point, in defense of the Nigerian government? This is not a Civil War-there is nothing remotely civil about the Fulani method of “keeping order under the pre-text of the Covid.” I can honestly say that I can identify their (Fulani) distinct handiwork by the way the bodies (especially children) have been slaughtered. My brain has a tattoo of a baby, with its skull cracked open-its brains sprawled on the ground, as a mother rolls her eyes behind her head in unparalleled grief.

A few months back, I asked a longtime friend if he would join me in the fight for Biara’s independence? He replied that he would not. Why? He discussed this with a respected friend, who dismissed the resistance movement as agitators, trouble makers…My friend is a guy that proudly marched in the now dismantled March for Women, led by Linda Sarsour, and her harem of Anti-Israel, pro BDS, terrorist -linked Anti-Semites. My friend brushed these annoying details, as a few rotten apples in the crop. Oh, did I mention that he is Jewish?

Since my last post, there is a new variable to this zoo, secret police named SARS…spelt just like that deadly virus of about ten years ago. SARS is just a new name to an old face- Fulani terrorists.  They have shot dead “criminals”, such as a young man who wore tattoos. This was perceived by the “police” as a sign of disrespect to authorities. No trial, no jail…. just executed.

Before my morning coffee even reached my lips, I was looking at a very recent interview on CNN. The interviewer was commenting on the enormity of this momentous revolution, despite the death toll mounting. She was equally impressed by the number of global tweets, condemning the flagrant brutality. She asked her guest, a representative of the US government, why President Trump was not taking any action? It is pretty much common knowledge that, the President has given many indications and statements to instill hope in the collective Biafran heart. The hope that President Trump will declare Biafra a free, autonomous nation, ruled by the IPOB, the Indigenous People of Biafra. Her guest replied: “I have seen pictures, and thy are just horrible. But the truth be known, West Africa is just not a priority. Maybe in the future it can be achieved, and it will take years, but not now.” I must question why the US, as well as Israel, is afraid to “offend” the Nigerian, terrorist-supportive nation. Isn’t it logical for western democracies to support and help Biafra, whose land is glutted with oil? Do we welcome a world where Boko Haram, ISIS will grow like a malignant cancer, to the rest of Africa?  Did not Mike Pompeo declare that Biafra is the only shining light, a progressive democracy, in Africa. Biafra serving as a beacon of democratic, progressive light? I got a citation for printing that, as an African “fact checking organization” declared it fake news. Hmmm.  I never dreamed there was a special fact-checking system, just for African affairs. Maybe it is fake news, but it certainly rings true if you put it under a lie detector…and the more prevalent instances of blocked emails…and only those that have the word “Biafra.”.

A few things struck me from this interview. I did not hear the term “Biafran”, just “Nigerian.” Neither interviewer nor interviewee mentioned that these “protesters” were Jewish and Christians; there was no mention that these young people were honoring the memory of their fallen relatives, from the LAST holocaust of 50 years ago. These facts were not a deliberate omission – it was one of ignorance and lack of awareness. Their point of view is indicative of our fast food, Instagram, texting, tweeting mentality…just a peripheral look…form without substance. The term, Black Lives Matter, is extremely real to Biafrans, and pertains to a life/death existence for many of our Jewish/Christian brothers and sisters. NOT A PRIORITY?  Let us take a broader look at the more recent events/miracles that have occurred.

In my last post, I went into detail, about the most remarkable similarity between the Sudanese ethnic cleansing…Jihadist, Moslem government terrorizes Southern Christians, living on top of oil rich land. All is kept hush hush. US Congress hears testimony from woman who narrates her story: My People Were Turned into Ash. No media, no press coverage, no social awareness, with deliberate intentions. An alliance with a Canadian oil-drilling firm, in cahoots with Sudanese government, finds blood money into one of America’s most lucrative portfolio investment companies, FIDELITY.   And, within a month ago, this same Fundamentalist ruler of Sudan asks Israel to be part of a peace alliance, following a trend. In return for taking back the label, “terrorist-sponsored state”, they will agree to give reparations to every Southern, Sudanese Christian family, and refrain from any form of harassment. WHAT!

Having read that, I immediately contacted Nitsana Darshan-Leitner   of Shurat Ha Din. She and her formidable team of lawyers gather evidence to sue terrorist-related atrocities, for reparations to the victims. She is currently battling the PA for their role in the heinous lynching of two Israeli reservists, who mistakenly entered Ramallah, in hurrying to get to their posts, during the first Intifada. These poor Jewish men were literally torn apart. You might remember the infamous photo of a set of primal, bloody hands being shown through the window, inviting all the feral mongrels to join in the carnage. I am sending constant reminders to sue Nigeria, pay reparations to ITS victims…Another miracle is the outcome of the Arab League Caucus. Usually, at the end of the meeting of the Arab world, the usual condemnation of Israel is to be expected. However, this year, Israel was not mentioned. In lieu of Israel, all condemned Turkey. The whole paradigm of Arab thinking has miraculously changed, to one of peace towards Israel. Saudi Arabia is waiting for their ancient, traditional King to pass, before also joining the peace train towards Israel.  Albania’s parliament unanimously voted to approve the IHRA definition of Anti-Semitism- the second majority-Moslem country to adopt, after Kosovo. And who is the grand engineer of all these tumultuous events? Political leaders? HASHEM. And, in line with these miracles, will come a redeemed and unified Biafra, basking in its independence, democracy and moving forward to self-actualization.

To end this discourse, I will ask a favor to all my readers. Tweets are important, though immediate action may not follow. However, like the ripple effect, if we all tweet once, daily, to world leaders such as President Trump, a mover, and a shaker, united and diligent, one pebble will soon create a huge, sparkling ocean.  May we all live to swim in it, someday.

About the Author
Shashi Ishai is a former stand-up/cartoonist from Teaneck, N.J. She resides in Netanya with her husband, Yacov; daughter, Zehava; son Zaki and dog, Stanley .Shashi is the author of ASK AVIGAIL: Advice from a Biblical Era Sagette, available on Amazon.