At Tel Aviv Museum Dinner Susan Asks Martin For Jewelry

Susan Sanders, co-chairman with her husband Martin of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art gala dinner at the Metropolitan Club, looked lovingly at her husband as she recited from the Book of Ruth:

“Where you go I will go, where you live I will live, your people are my people, your God is my God, and where you die I will die.”

“After that,” Martin exclaimed, “the only thing I can do is go to heaven!”

“No!” Susan shrieked. “First buy me some jewelry!”

Understandably, applause erupted from all the women in the audience.

Dr. Mordechai Omer, director and chief curator of the museum, reported that he will open a new building in November 2011 that would double the space of the museum.

The architect is Preston Scott Cohen, a cousin of two of the dinner guests—artist Donald Sultan and his sister, Terrie Sultan, director of the Parrish Art Museum in Southampton.

At the dinner Omer honored Dominique Levy, co-owner of L&M Art Gallery in Manhattan; Yael Borovich, director and curator of education at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and New York artist Philip Pearlstein.

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