At the Finish Line…Finally

I’m watching my daughter’s sleeping form and a mixture of emotions run through me. Amusement, irritation, pride, wonder, but overall I am feeling relief. Relief that this crazy, amazing, wonderous month is finally about to be over. As I watch my daughter’s sleep deprived body get the sleep she so desperately needs, I find myself wondering how I managed to get through the month. I have two children in Bnei Akiva this year and I am thankful that it was only two. My thoughts turn to people who have more than two children in Bnei Akiva. How did they manage?? My train of thought runs to the teachers. Who had to deal with not one, not two but 30!!! 30 sleep deprived teenagers and pre-teens who were scarcely present during this long month. And so we dedicate this week’s comic to the real heroes of Chodesh Irgun. Here’s to the dedicated men and women who tried to instill some math, English and general education to our children this month. Love Aviva Cohen, Tova Goldman and The Shono Family.

About the Author
Tova Goldman is happily married and raising 7 great kids. She is originally from Toronto, Canada and made aliyah 18 years ago. She has merited to live in this country and become "Israeli." Today, she lives in a small yishuv that has slowly become her home.