Christos Loutradis
Christos Loutradis

Atheism as the new ‘Religion’ of our time

It is part of a post-modern discourse that dominates the Media of our time the collective accusation of Religion at whole from a new-age atheist perspective. Part of the increase of this new age atheistic perspective is the usage of religion for spreading deaths and terror in the last decades , mainly from Islamic terrorist groups in Middle East, starting from Israel many decades ago and leading to Europe and the United States of America during the last years. A second reason for the increasing decrease of the importance of religion in the western societies is the scandals ,mainly in the Catholic Church , that are coming to the spotlight and are associated with clerics that took advantage of social excluded families and their kids.

However, although the most important religious institutions of our time have done anything in their hand for demoralize their important societal role , nobody can collective condemn the importance of religious for societal coherence and the promotion of welfare for the excluded members of our societies. What the atheistic warriors of our time tend to forget is the due to religious and in particular because of the dominance of Christianity in Europe, our continent had the chance to cultivate a culture of welfare and assistance for the members of the society who cannot participate in the economical life of their society. Because of Christianity the first Universities and social institutions opened in Europe and because of Christianity the notion of slave in Europe started to lose its moral ground and its societal acceptance.
In Israel as well the importance of religious as a link between history and tradition is of highly importance the existence of the Jewish society. This is where the national discourse regarding the nation state bill should be focused and not in a witch hunt that will increase the divide among the Jewish society.

Promoting Atheism as a new age religion , is not the answer to the moral issues that the religious institutions of our time face, as religion was and is one of the most fundamental grounds that the Western World cultivated its culture and its coherence and if we do not try to modernize the institutions and not demolish it , we will demolish the basis of our societies.

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Chris graduated from the University of Panteion with a bachelors in sociology, and earned an MSc in Media , Culture and Society at the University of Essex. He was a trainee at Thomson Reuters, and worked at various news websites, such as Huffington Post Greek edition, Hurriyet Daily news and others.
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