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Author Wants Jews Expelled from USA; Sent to Israel

This photo shows a German-American Bund parade on East 86th St., in New York City, on Oct. 30, 1939. It was dedicated to installing a Nazi dictatorship in the United States, to join Nazi Germany. The photo is from Wikipedia and is in the public domain.
This photo shows an German-American Bund parade on East 86th St., in New York City, on Oct. 30, 1939.

(Note: Views in this column are solely mine. My family, friends and faith are independent of my personal views. Some hyperlinks are to civil-rights organizations in the hope that you will report this website to the organizations hyperlinked. One individual is often ignored. Hundreds or thousands are not so easily ignored. I’ve included other hyperlinks for educational purposes; however, please read the entire article before clicking so you have a better idea regarding this vile effort to deport Jews from America.)

In my first column in this two-part series, I wrote about author Mr. Thomas Dalton’s anti-Semitic essay on the website “Russia Insider.”

This photo shows the title page of The Protocols of Zion. The photo is in the public domain and was acquired from Wikipedia.

Mr. Dalton’s writing is so malodorous and potentially dangerous that I have included verbiage from it in an effort to sound an alarm.

His writing reminds me of Henry Ford’s “The Dearborn Independent,” which, among many vile deeds, published the debunkedProtocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” Mr. Dalton also reminds me of the loathsome radio commentary of disgraced Father Coughlin in pre-World War II America.

Many people throughout the world continue to believe in the hoax of “The Learned Elders of Zion.” The debunked conspiracy theory is trafficked in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, the United States and many other places. You can even purchase the fraudulent protocols at numerous places that advertise online. It is important to note that Mr. Dalton’s efforts to impugn all Jews with collective guilt is not much different than the protocols’ conspiracies.

“Once we have established the facts of Jewish supremacy, the next typical response is: ‘So what?’ Mr. Dalton wrote in the “Russia Insider” column. “The reply to this is simple: Americans are virtual slaves to Jewish interests, and are allowing themselves to be brainwashed, degraded, and deceived in the process.

“Literally trillions of dollars are being diverted to Jews and their institutions, primarily from the pockets of hard-working Whites. And primarily White soldiers are fighting and dying in the American military, simply in order to make the world safe for Israel and Jews globally. The costs to society could scarcely be higher. Jewish supremacy must end, now.”

This volatile language made me think about potential violence resulting from someone incited by it. I wondered if that were a possibility. According to “Antisemitism as an Underlying Precursor to Violent Extremism in American Far-Right and Islamist Contexts,” published in October by Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens, Bennett Clifford, Lorenzo Vidino:

“Antisemitic beliefs often serve as a key entry point for individuals to radicalize, join extremist groups, and progress into violent mobilization. … Antisemitism also helps to dehumanize possible targets of violence, a process often seen as a key component of mass violence against a specific group.

This photo shows a German-American Bund parade on East 86th St., in New York City, on Oct. 30, 1939. It was dedicated to installing a Nazi dictatorship in the United States, to join Nazi Germany. The photo is from Wikipedia and is in the public domain.

Keep that in mind as you read more about how Mr. Dalton targets Jews as a collective. It’s not the first time Jews have been unjustly targeted and cruelly depicted as anti-American in the United States and blamed for its ills. Mr. Dalton is yet another inflamer in a sordid history of incendiary vitriol targeted at Americans solely because they are Jews.

“{…} Jews must assume primary responsibility for the many failings of American society — the economic exploitation of workers, the rampant drug abuse and addiction, the moral corruption of TV and cinema, the wanton manipulation and distortion of news media, the trillions of dollars spent on foreign wars for Jewish and Israeli benefit, and the large and growing presence of non-Whites in our nation,” he wrote.

“Such things are the poisonous fruit of the toxic seeds of Judaism that were planted on our shores over 400 years ago,” Mr. Dalton continued. “We — White Americans — must tackle these many problems, but we also must embark upon the more complicated work of delivering justice to all those harmed by Jewish supremacy in America, especially in the past 100 years. Today, there is an urgent need to take concrete steps to dismantle Jewish supremacy in all its forms. To this end, I call for six actions.”

His first call-of-action is a typical anti-Semitic stereotype and generalization that collectivizes Jews. Mr. Dalton seeks to “educate” non-Jews about what he claims is “Jewish contempt and hatred for all non-Jews.”

Mr. Dalton’s second call-for-action calls for identification of “{p}rominent Jews. Jews, half-Jews{;} those with Jewish spouses or children must be named and outed. It is intolerable that they circulate largely unnoticed.”

Most likely, non-Jewish defenders (including me) of Jews will also be targeted in any such harassment and (doxing) campaign, if the history of American anti-Semitism follows its traditional course.

A Nazi SA member has pasted a poster that calls for the boycott of Jewish businesses in Germany on April 1, 1933. {It was} organized by the National Socialists, in response to the Anti-Nazi boycott of 1933. {It is} inscribed with ‘Germans, Defend yourselves, Do not buy from Jews.'” Wikipedia requested the image include this information: Attribution: Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-14468/Georg Pahl/CC-BY-SA 3.0.

His third call-for-action calls for “patriotic” Americans “to sanction and boycott all Jewish-dominated institutions,” he wrote.

“We must stop patronizing their corporations, their media, their technology, their universities,” Mr. Dalton said.

His fourth call-for-action calls for quotas that would be used against Jews.

Nope. Not kidding.

“Jewish overrepresentation in all fields must be circumscribed by specific quotas,” Mr. Dalton said.

So much for a merit-based society.

His fifth call-for-action calls for an economic “penalty,” pejoratively called a “Jew Tax.” (This should not be confused with an anti-Semitic trope about a “Kosher food tax” in America.)

Nope. Again, I’m not kidding.

“American Jews must pay, literally, for their many crimes against humanity,” he wrote. “As noted above, asset confiscation is a start. If American Jews own or control $50 trillion, but their ‘fair share’ is, say, $2 trillion, then we need immediate confiscation of some $48 trillion in Jewish assets. Additionally, we need to reestablish the ancient idea of a ‘Jew tax,’ something implemented by the Romans after the Jewish rebellion in Jerusalem in the year 70. Jewish income must be subject to a considerable tax — perhaps a flat rate of 50% on all incomes — in order to restrict their ability to regain wealth.”

His sixth call-for-action is titled “evacuate.” Mr. Dalton wants to expel all Jews from the United States of America.

“The ultimate goal, as many prominent thinkers have realized over the centuries, is to rid the nation of its Jews,” he wrote. “The pernicious and endemic character of Jewish corruption can truly be solved in no other way. History has proven that wherever Jews accumulate in more than a fraction of a percent of a populace, they begin to exert a corrupting influence. They cannot be restrained, they cannot be civilized, they cannot be taught. This is a sad but eternal fact of the Jewish people. Therefore, any nation that hopes to prosper and thrive must banish them. Voluntarily or forcefully, slowly or quickly — out they must go. Away to Israel, to their native homeland.”

He does not say what will happen to Jews who are adamant that they are patriotic Americans and will not leave the country they love.

Mr. Dalton also does not tell us what will happen to Americans who defend their fellow citizens’ Constitutional — and God-given — rights to live where they chose.

If, for 30 seconds, we entertain his nefarious longing to remove Jews from the United States, the logical conclusion is that there would be resistance to such forced expulsion. It is not being sensational to believe that violence could occur as patriotic Jewish and non-Jewish Americans violently resist such an absurd, anti-American and unconstitutional proposal.

Furthermore, it’s rather easy to debunk Mr. Dalton’s anti-American call to deport Jews. It’s anti-American because Jews are protected by the U.S. Constitution. Furthermore, America’s first president — during the nation’s inaugural term — made it clear that Jews would not be persecuted in the newly formed country.

According to a well-sourced article on its website, the Touro Synagogue said of President George Washington’s letter to the Jews of America:

“The original of Washington’s Letter to the Hebrew Congregations of Newport, Rhode Island is small in size, but its impact on American life is immense. In 340 well-chosen words, the Letter reassures those who had fled religious tyranny that life in their new nation would be different, that religious ‘toleration’ would give way to religious liberty, and that the government would not interfere with individuals in matters of conscience and belief. Quoting the Bible’s Old Testament, Washington writes, ‘every one shall sit in safety under his own vine and figtree, and there shall be none to make him afraid.’

“He continues: ‘For happily the Government of the United States gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance, requires only that they who live under its protection should demean themselves as good citizens, in giving it on all occasions their effectual support.’

And, Mr. Dalton has set his sights on non-Jews as well.

“Once Jewish supremacy and Jewish power have been destroyed in America, other problems — with Blacks, with Hispanics, with Asians — can begin to be addressed,” he wrote. “Here too, we will need a process of education, of isolation, of penalty, and ultimately of repatriation. Multiracial America will cease being multiracial, or else it will cease to exist.

Chinese immigrants once endured racism that included calls for expulsion. A private company helped incite violence against Chinese immigrants to the United States. This racist cartoon, in an ad for detergent, was sponsored by the George Dee Magic Washing Machine Co. The public-domain image is from Wikipedia.

“Unless and until White America is willing to collectively acknowledge its responsibility for its own well-being, and to acknowledge the fundamental role of Jewish supremacy in the many crises of our nation, our problems will never end. We must use this moment to turn the tide against the Jews, to reclaim our country, and to secure, for the first time in many decades, a vastly brighter future.”

Russia Insider certainly seems to be a hot site for those who traffic anti-Semitism. Out of millions of websites, “Russia Insider” was between 500,000 and 600,000 when I checked Alexa. The site features repugnant categories titled as “The Jewish Problem,” “Christian Zionist Menace” and “Tales of the Holohoax.”

As for Mr. Dalton, his Russia Insider bio says he is the “author or editor of many books and articles pertaining to White interests, National Socialism, anti-Judaism, and Holocaust revisionism. Among these are his popular work ‘Debating the Holocaust,’ and his new translation of ‘Mein Kampf,’” according to “Russia Insider.”

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