About Me
Adam LeBor is a British author and journalist based in Budapest; He writes for the Economist, The Times (of London), Monocle, Traveler magazine among others and reviews for the New York Times; He is the author of eight critically acclaimed non-fiction books, including the ground-breaking Hitler's Secret Bankers, which revealed the extent of Swiss complicity with Nazi Germany (short-listed for the Orwell Prize) and City of Oranges, which recounted the lives of Arab and Jewish families in Jaffa (short-listed for the Jewish Quarterly Prize) His books have been translated into twelve languages including Hebrew and Chinese; His latest non-fiction book, 'Tower of Basel: the Shadowy History of the Secret Bank That Runs the World', an investigative history of the Bank for International Settlements, is published in June by PublicAffairs NY (author's photo by Szabolcs Dudas)