Avital Levin

Avital Levin

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Avital Levin is a social worker and educator who writes and frequently presents on issues related to healthy dating and relationships, domestic abuse, and sexual assault. She is the Director of Education at Shalom Task Force, a nonprofit organization which provides critical support for victims of intimate partner violence. Avital served as the Co-Director of OU-JLIC at Johns Hopkins University and taught at Machon Maayan in Israel. She has counseled individuals, couples and families, and ran support groups in clinical settings. She holds a BA in Psychology from FDU, a Master’s in Social Work from NYU, a Certificate in Women’s Health and Infertility Counseling from the Puah Institute, and a Certificate in Workplace Culture and Harassment Prevention from Ta'amod. She lives in Highland Park, NJ with her husband and three children.
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