About Me
Tahir Imin, Uighur, a former prisoner of conscious from So-called Xinjiang,A China occupied Uighur State.He studied at Xinjiang University in Urumqi and worked as a researcher, entrepreneur, and public leader. He is the initiator of Uighur International Doppa Cultural Festival.(Since 2009) He started regional public lecture forum to promote education among the general public.(since 2011-) He has also planned and sponsored to promote education among Uighur women.(since 2012-) He was famous for his organizing Uighur youth development movement under the name of Ottuz Oghul and Nine Qiz (30 gentlemen and Nine women) He has published two books about social topics and wrote many articles on Uighur websites. He has studied Hebrew and Jewish Culture at Haifa University and studies International Relations in the US.