Awareness of the seemingly unattainable

We are all talented; we all have strengths and weaknesses. Some of us are creative spirits, others detail oriented. We all journey through life with carefully calibrated formulas and processes that we have tried and put to the test time and time again. All of these pieces become our metaphorical tool belt.

Each experience guides us to better unjam that next stuck door, each new skill oils the squeaky gears of life’s challenges.

But then, there are times where your belt is empty. You have no tools remaining, no “life lines” to depend on. You wake up each morning and your list of unattended becomes unattainable.

Dental health, employment, debt management, and even food accessibility are the most common struggles when someone’s life begins to cycle seemingly out of control, caused by an unforeseen accident, illness, a death, mental illness, or just not-great choices that keep building on each other. These goals are at the forefront of their awareness yet seem totally unattainable.

Each day I partner with new non-profits that are determined to help my clients put one foot in front of the other. Together we show our clients they are not alone, and create a plan to make the unattainable – reachable.

When we live in a world where we challenge our strengths to go beyond our own needs, they become the fuel for those who are stuck in a jam, and so the cycle pays it forward. Throw some kindness out there, share your strengths and bring others up with you.

About the Author
Avigail is an olah who has had to deal with the challenging bureaucratic systems in Israel. As a social worker, she now guides others to navigate the system. She shares her experiences in helping struggling families build stronger futures.
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