Axing Smotrich

The former teen-age insane settler youth who grew up to become an insane member of the Knesset has been axed by the prime minister. Axed politically… regrettably not axed otherwise.

The ultra-orthodox madman, seeking appointment as new Minister of Justice, has now received the best possible justice he deserves.

The prime minister has declared that Bezalel Smotrich will not be the next Minister of Justice due, mainly, to his sick dilemma of turning a modern country into a theocratic dictatorship like Iran and Turkey, to be ruled by orthodox Jewish ayatollahs. With Smotrich we would lose our justice.

Smotrich wanted to erase Israeli secular laws and replace them with halachic laws based upon the ancient laws recorded in the bible.

Death by stoning or burning or hanging as permitted in the Torah will now be acceptable to Smotrich. Why not? After all, he has been involved in similar anti-Arab activities. He despises not only Arabs but all non-Jews as well.

He belongs in an asylum, not in our Knesset, although the latter is becoming more like the former.

He wants Israel to be ruled as it was in the days of King David and King Solomon. Such stupidity has not before been spouted by an Israeli politician. But sick and stupid Smotrich forgets our ancient history.

King David spotted a beautiful Bathsheba bathing on her rooftop. Her husband, a non-Hebrew, Uriah, a Hittite, was a soldier in King David’s army and was away from his home.

King David lusted after Bathsheba, sent for her and raped her. Perhaps lust, adultery and rape are not unfamiliar to Smotrich. Several of his ultra-orthodox companions have committed similar sins.

But King David went one tragic step beyond morality. He gave the command to one of his officers that at the thickest and most dangerous part of the battle, the Hebrew troops were to be withdrawn leaving Uriah alone to meet his death by the swords of Israel’s enemies.

Some time later, the immoral king and fierce warrior, took the widow Bathsheba to be his wife

The son born to them, another of Smotrich’s halachic models, King Solomon the wise, had one thousand wives… three hundred of them not Hebrews

So Smotrich is in favor of lust, adultery, murder, and intermarriage…modeled after his heroes, and in whose memories he wants to create a religiously-controlled State ??

Why has he not selected Moshe Katzav as a hero-model to follow? Katzav, not a king in Israel but the next thing to it….a Jewish president of the Jewish State of Israel…. Imprisoned for the rape and sexual molestation of young women who worked in the president’s office .

Measles is not the only epidemic from which millions of us in Israel suffer. We suffer from haredi-itis , an ancient disease which is attempting, with the help of Smotrich and the young gangsters with him, to overthrow a democratically elected Knesset, whose members, for the time being, have not yet been infected with this poison.

One good thing that prime minister Netanyahu has just done, at the obvious advice of his female better-half, is to reject Smotrich’s request for the position of Minister of Justice.

Our newspapers have been showing photos of the filth on the streets of the Old City in Jerusalem. Garbage is strewn everywhere. Perhaps Smotrich could clean some of it up and use it to throw at the marchers of the Gay Pride parade, since he despises all gays and supporters of the LGBT large family.

If he truly seeks a ministership, a new prime minister could appoint him Minister of Sanitation. He is well accustomed to being surrounded with a different kind of filth

King David and his son King Solomon were my heroes. But I still prefer King Saul over them

Down with the Smotriches. Up with democracy. Long live the liberal and modern Jews of Israel.

But don’t put the ax away just now. It may be useful in future when other heads may fall.

OY, Elohim… matai yavo ha moshiach?

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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