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Ayelet Shaked or the perfect balance between feminine and masculine

The Dalai Lama said that “The world will be saved by Western women [because] they have the capacity to lead us to a more peaceful world with compassion, affection, and kindness”.

The political and economic world as we see it today is essentially based on masculine energies such as ego, power, succeeding through hard work, and fighting to survive. 

This system has worked for thousands of years, and it is the one that has brought us to where we are today. 

Without the masculine energy of creation, disruption and intervention in the world, we would not be able to enjoy the free time that technology offers us today and to develop our intellect and our emotions to continually reinvent ourselves in this ever-changing world.

But, today the world is at a turning point.

There is clearly a collective movement moving towards more spirituality, more search of self and of essential values. We can no longer overlook the explosion of the personal development industry and people’s attraction to therapy, coaching, alternative medicines and well-being that are the fruits of this sweet revolution.

Even in the business world, we are hearing more and more about the “new social economy” which is based on sharing and exchange, rather than on competition and success at all costs.

I believe that the world is moving towards a more feminine energy – which is more authentic, which allows for the natural course of things to happen, which connects rather than fights, which collaborate rather than compete.

Don’t get me wrong here…I am not associating feminine energy only with women, nor masculine energy only with men.  We know that men and women are made of both of those energies. And so, even if there is still much work to do in these areas, this is not about women’s rights or gender equality.

The challenge here is to find the right balance between the feminine and the masculine energies – and in front of this challenge, men and women are equal.

Finding the right balance between these two energies will lead us to internal alignment and at the same time to alignment between the world’s material and the spiritual dimensions – which will finally bring the serenity that we are all longing for.

This is not a competition to know which energy is “better” or which will “win”, but rather this is about taking a new look at the forces that have existed from the beginning of times and see how we can (finally!) find this balance in the alignment with ourselves first, and with the world as well.

Ayelet Shaked had not planned to pursue a political career. She had no ambition to become a Minister or a Party Leader and yet, every time she has been presented with a Mission to accomplish, she has always raised to the challenge without hesitating by choosing the road that was most aligned with her values ​​and her beliefs – against everyone.

Where are her strength and determination coming from? Surely, it is coming from her masculine energy. This is probably where she gets all the arguments, the tools, and the language to be able to “fight” in politics, which is still very much a male-dominated world.

But, in her case, her strength and her determination are not motivated by ego, power or perspective of a high position in the government. This strength and determination are there because Ayelet Shaked is fully aligned with her mission, her values ​​and her vision for the Land of the Jews – and that’s where her feminine dimension comes in, with a gentle, yet powerful conviction.

She is so aligned with her feminine energies that she sees clearly the spiritual dimension of the Jewish people and its undeniable connection to the land of Israel, without having to justify her convictions through religious practice or dogma. 

Rav Kook knew that Israel, as we know it today, would come to exist because of secular Jews, and that the greatest challenge that the People of Israel would face on its land, would not be to protect themselves against its external enemies, but to get along with each other.  

Is Ayelet Shaked the only one to be aligned with her mission and vision? Surely not. There are others who are motivated by these values, but they either lack authenticity and spiritual transcendence (coming from the feminine dimension), or determination and mental strength (coming from the masculine dimension).

We need both of these energies to be aligned to accomplish our mission on earth. And those who think that they can do without one dimension or the other, are refusing to see the new world and deciding to stay in an old binary world.

The new era of leadership is led by leaders like Ayelet Shaked who intuitively understand their role at the cosmic level and who decide to put these two dimensions at the service of a greater cause.

It’s no coincidence that this new form of leadership is born in Israel – the Start-Up Nation is also innovating in Leadership. In many other countries in the world, politicians are moving toward an aggressive right, which is clearly inspired by a male energy … Maybe because they feel the wind is turning and they try to cling as much as they can to their old world.

But the movement led by the people and the collective awareness are stronger than the destinies of some individuals who think they can stop the momentum of this change which is already well underway

As far as I am concerned, Ayelet Shaked is the first visible step of this new Leadership which shows that the world is finally ready to welcome the balance of the feminine energy with the masculine energy to work together towards a more serene and a more aligned world …

It’s about time!

About the Author
Nathalie Garson is the Founder of the Global Network for Jewish Women Entrepreneurs & Leaders, the host of the Jewish Woman Entrepreneurs Podcast and the CEO of the Born To Do Business. For the past 11 years, Nathalie has been a Business Mentor to hundreds of entrepreneurs, helping them grow and scale their business, become the CEO of their business while staying aligned with their Born To Do. In 2020, she created the Global Network of Jewish Women Entrepreneurs & Leaders during COVID. Today it is a Non profit which counts more than a 1000 women coming from 18 countries, in order to create friendships and strategic partnerships between Jewish women entrepreneurs in Israel and from the rest of the world. You can join the Global Network here - Nathalie is also the host of The Jewish Women Entrepreneurs Podcast where she has fascinating conversations with guests on Leadership, Jewish Identity and Women Empowerment. Nathalie is originally from France, made Alya 19 years ago with her two kids to Jerusalem where she lives until today with her life partner.