Azerbaijan against fundamental human rights and Israel

Russian blogger Alexander Lapshin who holds citizenship of several countries today was extradited upon the decision of the supreme court of Belarus which rejected his appeal.

The only “sin” of Mr. Lapshin was his visit to Republic of Artsakh (aka Nogorno-Karabakh Republic) which is freer and much more democratic country than Azerbaijan, according to Freedom house. As the spokesman of Armenian MoF truly noticed he persecution of Alexander Lapshin, his extradition to Azerbaijan is a gross violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms of speech and movement, which once again demonstrates the existing gap between dictatorship and democracy. It is beyond doubt that the flow of political and public figures, artists, journalists and tourists to Artsakh will not stop but will multiply. Most importantly, Mr. Lapshin holds Israeli citizenship. Notably, Lapshin’s arrest took place just one day after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Baku. Reportedly, Israeli diplomats put forth significant efforts to stop Azerbaijani prosecution against Israeli citizen who served in Israeli army. However, those efforts did not succeed. Is Azerbaijan a true friend of Israel, the only real democracy in the Middle East, or it just deems the latter as shop of arms and ammunition? What else can be expected from the state which heroizes the mean murderer who chopped by ax a sleeping Armenian solder in Budapest?

P.S. Bloggers around the world must express their solidarity with Alexander Lapshin.

About the Author
Albert Hayrapetyan received his MA in Political Science and International Affairs from the U.S.-accredited American University of Armenia (AUA). His research interests include the issue of alliances, ethnic conflicts and global hazards.