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Netanyahu to Abbas: No excuses, recognize Jewish state now

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Prime Minister Netanyahu’s words here may be taking the line of least resistance, that of preaching to the choir. Such an address can hardly be faulted on that score. Indeed, no prediction or likely assessment made prior to this conference would have indicated anything otherwise.

But there was nothing new, startling, or unexpected in the speech and that fact alone must count as unhelpful in the furtherance of peace between Israelis, Palestinians, Arabs and Iranians.

Points to ponder:

1.  Can President Abbas recognise Israel as a Jewish state without dire consequences to his position in Arab society and even to the safety of his very own person?

2.  International monitoring and peacekeeping must be an absolute requirement before any viable peace agreement can ever be reached.

3.  Being on the ‘right side’ of the moral divide is often a position open to misinterpretation by both sides and the rest of the world. To be always perceived as morally in the right demands that the wide margins of Israeli (and Palestinian) behaviour existing today must shrink down to limits never before imagined in all of human history.

Answers to dwell on:

1.  If Israel can be publicly recognised as a ‘de facto’ Jewish state by worldwide acclamation and enshrined as such for all of time, then full, universal recognition becomes so much easier to achieve and enjoy.

2.  Monitoring need not necessarily involve any military presence in the region whatsoever.There are ways other than a show of force to keep matters well within the bounds of good order and harmony.

3.  By being able to maintain a consistent course on the ‘straight and narrow’ and having it verified as such, the moral high ground is there for the taking. And, if the other side also happens to occupy the very same place, then peace soon becomes somewhat of a foregone conclusion.

And just how might this multi-faceted revolution in the Israeli-Palestinian relationship come about?

You’ve guessed it already, haven’t you?

Too cerebral? Too complex? Too many levels on which it could go disastrously wrong?;

Not a bit of it. This is the perfect way out for all of us. It covers every one of the bases, simple stuff, falling off a log time. In so many respects, it just has to be ‘Baby Bear’s porridge.’

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