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A marked degree of negativity can be sensed in events and intentions surrounding Israel’s position just at the moment. Yes, as unbelievable as that sounds, certain straws in the wind would seem to indicate as much.

The US-led campaign against Iranian nuclear ambitions now appears somewhat at odds with Mr. Netanyahu’s take on the subject.

The Israeli-Palestinian peace talks are rumoured to be bogged down, recent demurrals from President Abbas and Justice Minister Livni notwithstanding. What little headway has been made so far suggests that the remaining time-frame of many months may yet prove insufficient to finalise matters in any great detail.

The topic of Bedouin ethnic cleansing has lately been exercising certain EU circles and even the long-established Jewish practice of male circumcision has come under attack, the issue vexing many with doubts about the safety aspects of such a procedure

Offhand, I can’t think of anything that currently sees Israel in a positive light upon the world stage.

This cannot be a welcome state of affairs, certainly not one to have around the nation’s neck for any extended length of time.

So, in order to throw off such a burdensome baggage of negative vibes, why not escalate matters to an entirely new and much more dynamic level?

This would, at the very least, go some considerable way towards ridding Israelis and Palestinians of the ‘bad boy’ image that both sides have managed to secure for themselves throughout almost all of the last seven decades. 

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