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Batsheva Women with Cindy’s Corners

Last month, over 500 influential women, from social media tastemakers to Fortune 500 CEOs, gathered in the heart of Manhattan to celebrate Batsheeva Women.

Batsheva was founded in 2017 in New York City to engage and unite women in conversation and action. The group seeks to celebrate, connect, and empower Jewish women leaders with the ultimate mission of affecting global change and healing our world. How? By utilizing the unique strength of women leaders and acting as a platform to promote inspiration, purpose, and connection to C-level opportunities spanning all industries.

I feel very fortunate that I was asked to participate and follow up the gala by being a mentor to young woman through their new program.

One of my good friends, Elizabeth Pipko, Founder and President Of The Exodus Movement, Model and Journalist, was presented the Fearless Female Award, for “lighting the way for women worldwide.”

The event was held in the Plaza Hotel. The attendees enjoyed an afternoon of art, music, philanthropy, and fashion while celebrating the work of women committed to creating lasting social change. Women had the opportunity to network with fellow executives and fearless females to discover how they can be part of the social blueprint that will influence generations to come.

In Hebrew, Bat means daughter, and Sheva means seven. G-d created the world in six days and rested on the seventh.

The six values Batsheva women stand by include:

The Power of Women – Our feminine strengths of intuition, leadership, creativity, and being action-focused contribute to the success of our industries, families, and communities. We believe in channeling these qualities to support our global community.

The Power of the Individual – Through contributing her unique talents, each individual makes a difference that collectively creates change.

Serving Others – While we seek to invest in our own abilities, relationships, and impact, our goal is to pay these dividends forward by championing other women and communities that need support.

Positivity – At our core, we believe in the innate goodness of people, and this approach informs the way we communicate and collaborate with one another.

Constructive – We take action to produce quantifiable and meaningful results.

Spirituality – Intentionality and spirituality are interwoven into every part of our ethos.

The Gala at the Plaza was considered the day of rest. It was a time to connect, to lean, to inspire others and be inspired ourselves.

Over a dozen business executives have positions within the organization.

According to co-chair Sarah Rottenstreich, “We have an ambitious goal to reach 100 mentors by next years gala. We each have a flame within, and the power to light up the world around us. My Rebbe taught that when we are faced with darkness, with negativity, our job is to add light. Just like one little flame can light up a dark room, one small act of goodness has the power to overcome evil, to brighten up even the darkest of nights. Just a few weeks ago our Jewish sister, Lori Kaye, was killed in a senseless act of hate. Our response? Senseless acts of kindness! When the world’s light becomes dimmer, it is our job to make it ever brighter. Lighting up the world can seem like an impossible task. Making a difference doesn’t require big actions. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step!”

A fashion show featured the gowns of Israeli-American designer Galit Levi.

Photo: Batsheva
Photo: Batsheva

As many of you know if you follow my articles, I support any organization helping to educate, support and encourage Jewish women to become independent, successful and proud religiously, professionally and personally.

Batsheva Women is such an organization.

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