Bayit Yehudi – The Right Choice for the Right

Likud might be the go-to political party for Israel’s right-wing, but in fact, it is Bayit Yehudi and its new face with Naftali Bennett, which best protect and represent Israel’s Zionist electorate.

Something new is happening in Israel.

In a recent poll published by the Jerusalem Post, the Bayit Yehudi is holding an unprecedented 16 seats. The party is consistently polling as the third largest in Israel, trailing only one seat behind Labor with its projected 17 seats.

Zionism is returning to Israeli society.

Though Jewish ethics, values and Zionism are the fabric of this, the Jewish State, since our 2005 disengagement from Gaza, we seemed to have frayed at the seams. Our society fractured and our attention diverged. Now, after the embarrassment of Operation Pillar of Defense, we have begun to attempt to reweave the threads,

With Naftali Bennett as the new front of Bayit Yehudi, Israel’s Zionists finally have a focused, driven and united movement to follow. As the only realistic replacement for current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Naftali Bennett and his fresh, multi-faced Bayit Yehudi are turning heads throughout the country and throughout the world. With good reason, he is a source of great concern for Netanyahu and Likud. Never since the start of his political career has Netanyahu had to focus his campaigning efforts against the right, rather than solely the left.

Likud simply no longer represents the core values of Israel’s ethical, Zionist right. With calls for a Two State Solution, a building freeze in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and the destruction of Jewish homes across the country, Likud is attempting to appease the West and the Left rather than fight for the Jewish State and our homeland.

It is time for a change in Israel’s political leadership.

Over must be the days of corruption and back-door deals in our political system. As other parties battle coalitions and criminal accusations, Bayit Yehudi is the only political entity offering new ideas and a new direction for our great nation. Calling an end to the Two State Solution, Bayit Yehudi will continue to fight for the entirety of the country, and will strive to protect and defend all of its citizens.

Regardless of admiration for Tzippi Hutobeli, Moshe Feiglin and Yuli Edelstein, voting Bayit Yehudi is right choice for the Zionist Israeli.

1. A vote for Bayit Yehudi will create a greater chance that the Zionist voice will be heard in the Knesset and will be the primary partner in a coalition with the guaranteed re-elected Prime Minister Netanyahu. This coalition will assure an infusion of values and ethics back into Israel’s political sphere. However, a coalition with the splintered left or the Charedi Shas/ Aguda will only create further fissures and rifts among us.

2. A vote for Bayit Yehudi will strengthen the movement as an independent voting block in the Knesset, creating a strong alternative to the Charedi vote. In the current political structure, the individual MK is not a source of power; rather, it is the large party or entity. In the last four years, none of Likud’s Knesset members had the ability or power to influence Netanyahu in any which way. With the recent coalition between Likud and Israel Beiteinu, the power again is shifting more toward the Charedi voting block rather than those elected to power. A large Bayit Yehudi can obstruct the total overhaul of our democratic system.

3. A vote for Bayit Yehudi ensures the return of ethics and values to the Israel’s political system. That on which the Jewish State was created is the core of Bayit Yehudi’s ideology and the essence of the movement. Dirty deals and secret swaps do not represent us, and they should not represent you.

Though Bayit Yehudi as a party is now gaining momentum, it always has been the accurate, idealistic voice of the Zionist Israeli. It represents not 100 years of Zionist voices, but the 4,000 year connection of the Jewish People to their homeland, to the land of Israel. It is time for a change. It is time for an ethical, Zionist leadership.  It is time for you to vote Bayit Yehudi. For it is Bayit Yehudi and Bayit Yehudi alone who will bring Israel back to its core values; a love of the Land of Israel, and love of the Jewish People, and a love of those who protect them.

Something new is happening in Israel; January 22nd is your opportunity to be a part of it.

About the Author
Jeremy Gimpel the host of Israel Inspired Radio & TV on Voice of Israel, a columnist for the Jerusalem Post & a director in the World Mizrachi Movement