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BBC’s ‘Bias and Deep-Rooted Prejudice’ against the Hebrews

Why does the BBC harbor such animosity towards Israel and Jews? Say 'ultra-progressive left'

It’s one thing when an Israeli TV series, “Eretz Nehedert”, broadcasts a hilarious satirical spoof on the BBC’s “impartial” reporting of the war with Hamas (Channel Keshet 12).

But it is a whole other story when Danny Cohen, Director of @BBC Television from 2013 to 2015, publishes an article titled “The BBC’s deep-rooted prejudice is fueling the poison of anti-Semitism” (21.10.23, The Telegraph) just 2 weeks after Hamas’s brutal massacre of 1,400 people in Israel (including British citizens and other foreign nationals), and its kidnapping of 242 infants, children, women, men, and elderly.

Since that fateful day, the BBC, including its consistently pro-Hamas outlet BBC Arabic, has continued its long-standing practice of biased reporting against Israel and Jews, often taking Hamas’s deceitful record of events as truth and rarely taking responsibility for its misinformation later on, after the damage had already been done. The examples are endless:

As Mr. Cohen says “The thing is mistakes happen once, maybe twice. When they happen multiple times, they are not mistakes. They are institutional fault lines which reveal bias and deep-rooted prejudice.”

I’ve been wondering why this is the case. Why does the BBC side with terrorists and blast the only democracy in the Middle East, swaying millions upon millions of people and strengthening the hands of millions of others to support Hamas and antisemitism that directly leads to fear, physical harm, murder, and terrorism?

Regretfully, I couldn’t find very much that helps answer this question. From what I did discover, it seems that the problem is rooted in a very large swath of BBC reporters that are proponents of far-left dogma, that absurdly views Israel as oppressing colonialists with genocidal intentions (when, in fact, Israel is a liberal democracy with a large and growing Arab population who have the same rights and privileges as all Israeli citizens).

Adam Levick on the BBC’s Islamist Insiders (Marilyn Stern, @Middle East Forum, Feb. 20,2023):

  • “The BBC’s ‘double standard’ is attributable to its embrace of today’s identity politics that turns ‘perceived victims into heroes.’ Levick describes this concept as the ‘aristocracy of victimhood’ which grants ‘extra legitimacy’ to an ‘oppressed group identity’.”
  • “Another contributing factor is Britain’s history of colonialism, which results in a “post-colonial guilt” coloring the lens through which the opinion class perceives the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Is It Possible to Curb the Extreme Bias of the BBC? (Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, BESA, Oct. 4, 2020):

– “As Ambassador Shtauber observed, ‘Several key positions in the BCC are held by extreme leftists.’ He added that the BBC publishes its personnel advertisements in the left wing daily, The Guardian.”

The scary part is that if extreme progressive left ideals are indeed what drives BBC’s antisemitic stance, then the chances for change are slim to none. The ultra-progressive left’s support for Hamas and its claims that Israel is responsible for the 7/10 terror attacks defy all rational thinking.

“Championing lies and calling for genocide, even if indirectly, isn’t free speech, it’s speech that frees the hands of terrorists.”

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